ADHD Medication Trials

This is not an article about different medications and their pros and cons, nor is it a debate about whether or not to use stimulant medications to treat ADHD.

As with any medical advice, those are conversations to be had with a medical professional.

What this article is about is what you might expect if you or your child are prescribed and start taking a stimulant medication to treat ADHD. This is not predicting what will happen, this is outlining some of the possibilities of what might happen.

These possibilities are based on research, personal experience, as well as my professional experience supporting families who — in consultation with their doctors — have chosen to try stimulant medications.

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Neural Networks Impacted by ADHD Medications

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Specific ADHD Medications

For specific information about medications, please speak to a medical professional. For general information about ADHD medications, CADDRA has a very helpful chart on their website.

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