Neurodiversity Is Not A Group of People

Neurodiversity is a political movement, a philosophy, and a personal framework.
I made a rookie mistake.

I don’t use reddit, but recently discovered r/ADHD, and tried to post there without first reading the community rules and guidelines. I made a short, simple post introducing myself as a fellow neurodivergent, which was flagged by the moderator bot.

Neurodivergent suffering is primarily (although likely not totally) a product of societal exclusion and marginalization.”

– Robert Chapman

Neurodiversity is necessary for a sustainable, flourishing human society.”

– Judy Singer

“…the pathology paradigm divides the spectrum of human cognitive performance into “normal” and “other than normal,” with “normal” implicitly privileged as the superior and desirable state.”

– Dr. Nick Walker

“…this pathology paradigm consistently resulted in autistics being stigmatized, misrepresented, dehumanized, abused, harmed, and traumatized by professionals and by their own families.”

– Dr. Nick Walker

“…social institutions enhance specific patterns of thought, feeling, and behaviour by providing a normative framework that rewards, reinforces, or discourages particular kinds of ways of thinking and behaving.”

– Michelle Maiese

Society’s normative expectations define our differences, and potentially cause further psychological ‘disability’ via a culture and ideology of ‘normalcy’.”

– Damian Milton

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Jillian has Child and Youth Work diploma as well as a BA in Psychology. Jillian worked on the front lines of Social Services agencies from 2003 - 2012. Jillian has taken numerous continuing education courses and has attended various workshops focused on supporting neurodiverse children, in particular children with ADHD.

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