“I Can’t Hear You!” (APD)

Neurodivergence and Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)

APD has various distinct categories:

  • Auditory closure: Difficulty filling in the gaps of speech when it is more challenging.

  • Dichotic listening: Difficulty understanding competing, meaningful speech that happens at the same time.

  • Temporal processing: Recognizing differences in speech sounds, and understand pitch & intonation.

  • Binaural interaction: This is the ability to know which side speech or sounds are coming from, and to localize sound in a room.

  • Phonetic decoding: An inability to process language at natural language speed.

  • Auditory integration: A delay in integrating things heard with things seen.

  • Auditory hypersensitivity: Low tolerance for noise. Difficulty focusing on the important sounds in a noisy setting.

Give people the benefit of the doubt, especially children who usually don’t have adequate insight into their own neurology to understand what is happening, let alone explain it to an adult.

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Jillian has Child and Youth Work diploma as well as a BA in Psychology. Jillian worked on the front lines of Social Services agencies from 2003 - 2012. Jillian has taken numerous continuing education courses and has attended various workshops focused on supporting neurodiverse children, in particular children with ADHD.

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