I Wish I’d Heard About NewsBreak Sooner

Where were you brilliant writers 6 months ago?

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To my wonderful supporters who follow me or subscribe for my neurodiversity, education, mental health, and/or parenting content: I promise that is still the focus of my writing, I had to take a brief detour, but I will be back on track tomorrow!

November 9th Update

November 3rd Update

I did it! I gained more than 100 registered followers, so I have applied for monetization. Now I wait.

Also: Don’t. Read. The. Comments.

I’ve been on Medium for six months and haven’t received a single rude or unkind comment. Sure, folks have disagreed with points I made, but they did so respectfully and with a willingness to from each other.

I’ve been on NewsBreak for less than six days and have already received a number of rude or ignorant comments. One said that I didn’t know what I was talking about and was making things up… despite the fact that I have a long list of references cited at the bottom of my article and have clearly done extensive research.

Late again

I have seen a large number of stories written about NewsBreak and NewsBreak versus Medium lately.

Apparently I’m late to the game (as usual). I only joined Medium 6 months ago, and NewsBreak a few days ago.

Well I feel like a fool, working my tail off for a measly $2-$3 per day over here, when I could potentially be earning a lot more over there!

I’ve read cautionary tales, advising people not to get too excited and expect their first few days to be representative of their long-term performance, so I will try to reserve judgement until I’ve seen where this will take me over the next few months.

With that said, here are my impressions after my first few days on NewsBreak:

Created by author

These are the same two stories. NewsBreak allows this, as long as you provide the complete story on their platform, rather than simply posting a teaser and linking to another site.

This story, ADHD Symptoms the DSM-V Misses received less than 350 views on Medium after nearly a month (published October 6, 2021), yet more than 85 thousand views after a single day on NewsBreak!

I’m brand new there, I don’t even have 100 registered followers yet, so I don’t yet know how this will translate into earnings. My hope and educated guess is that it’s going to pay off a lot better than my current platform.

With that said, there are some important differences to note:

  • Medium is a global platform that welcomes writers with diverse backgrounds and writing styles.
  • NewsBreak is, as the name would suggest, very news-centric. It is also very U.S.-centric and focuses primarily on local American news.
  • NewsBreak is much more limiting. It is more stringent with headline rules (“no clickbait” really means no clickbait) and does not allow you to link to the same story on other platforms.
  • There’s no self-publishing: you’re either in or you’re not. As a newbie, it took quite a long time for my first articles to be accepted.
  • NewsBreak does allow articles that are not simply news stories, but they must be factual and well-researched.

That works for me because that is what I usually write about anyway. I write evidence-based pieces about mental health, neurodiversity, education, and parenting.

That won’t work as well for those who primarily write fiction and poetry, and I do enjoy reading those works here on Medium.

I’m not going anywhere (yet)

Medium has been good to me — well, the people here, the community of supportive writers have been good to me, and I have no plans to leave. That said, if this NewsBreak experiment turns out to be as lucrative as I’m hoping, then I’ll certainly be publishing there more often in the future.

If you are a NewsBreak member and you enjoy my writing, please do follow me, and help me reach my 100 follower requirement. I promise to continue working hard to put out quality content, regardless of which platform I’m using.

© Jillian Enright, ADHD 2e MB

Here’s a link to the NewsBreak article I referenced.

Serious Newbie Question

I have a serious rookie NewsBreak writer question: how on earth do you add the “follow me” widget to your articles?

I read the instructions on their support page, and it shows this:

Screen shot provided by author

Yet when I start a new article, this is what I see:

No widget button! — Screen shot provided by author

At time of writing, I have 46 out of 100 followers, so I’m almost halfway there in less than four days!

Click here to view my profile and follow me.

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