Books About ADHD

My reading recommendations for learning about ADHD

Books About ADHD

I have compiled a collection of books about ADHD I have read and would recommend. The first section are books about parenting children with ADHD, the second section lists books about Adult ADHD, and the final section lists academic texts specifically about ADHD.

Books about parenting children with ADHD

What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew , Dr. Saline: A compassionately written book filled with practical advice that is easy to read for busy parents.

Brain-Body Parenting, by Dr. Mona Delahooke: I pre-ordered this book at the first opportunity. Having read Dr. Delahooke’s articles, as well as her previous book, Beyond Behaviours, I knew this one would be excellent. While Dr. Delahooke’s previous works have more often been written for fellow professionals and teachers, this one is written for parents. It is evidence-based, well-researched, compassionate, and written in a way that is enjoyable and accessible to anyone. I highly recommend this book for parents, teachers, and anyone who cares for children.

Unconditional Parenting, Alfie Kohn: This book takes a highly compassionate, supportive, and loving approach to parenting and to ensuring our children feel loved no matter what. When some factions of society (including a lot of educators and administrators) are telling us that children need “ consequences” (i.e. adult-imposed punishment) for making mistakes, Alfie Kohn allows us to appreciate and remember that we all make mistakes and that this an integral part of learning. If we are afraid to err, then we are afraid to try.

Taking Charge of ADHD, Dr. Russel Barkley : This is a fantastic book for parents and caregivers, I highly recommend it. While it’s full of amazing information, some of the advice conflicts with my knowledge and philosophy on parenting. Dr. Barkley is a leading expert on ADHD, but not a leading expert on parenting. You can learn more about Dr. Barkley at

I Can Learn When I’m Moving, by Nicole Biscotti : This book is written by Nicole Biscotti, who is both a teacher and the parent of a 2e child (gifted with ADHD). It is a fantastic read for teachers who want to better support their classroom of both neurotypical and neurodiverse learners, as well as for parents who are trying to work with their child’s school to better support their neurodiverse child.

12 Principles for Raising a Child with ADHD, Dr. Russell Barkley : Dr. Barkley presents 12 key parenting principles that address the most common problems that ADHD poses, such as family conflicts, difficult behaviour, school problems, out-of-control emotions, and parental stress.

(More parenting reading recommendations at the bottom of this article).

Books about adult ADHD

Getting Ahead of ADHD, Dr. Joel Nigg: This book discusses and differentiates between unsupported, even dangerous, approaches to “treating” ADHD versus the benefits of healthy nutrition, exercise, and sleep. ADHD cannot be cured and there is no magic bullet, but there are very safe and effective medications, in addition to lifestyle changes, that can help one manage the symptoms and take advantage of the positives of being neurodivergent. Dr. Joel Nigg also has a blog .

A New Understanding of ADHD, Thomas Brown: This book has gone up in price and is quite expensive for a small book. That said, it is FULL of incredibly helpful, useful, and evidence-based information. I highly recommend it if it is in your budget.

ADHD 2.0., by Drs. Ed Hallowell & John Ratey: I have mixed feelings about this book. While I appreciate the optimistic view of neurodivergence, and the strengths that can come with having ADHD, I disliked some parts. The part I disliked the most was framing ADHD-like symptoms under a “new” term called V.A.S.T. The problem is redefining an existing disorder increases the stigma of the actual disorder — If you have ADHD, you have ADHD, there’s no need to use a different name.

Taking Charge of Adult ADHD, by Dr. Russell Barkley: In stark contrast to doctors Hallowell and Ratey, Dr. Barkley has a very pessimistic view of ADHD. Because he is a psychiatrist and has focused his research on all the risk factors associated with ADHD, he paints a very bleak picture indeed. That said, his deep knowledge of ADHD brains is very valuable, and we can learn what we need from his books and leave the rest.

Academic texts about ADHD

ADHD and the Nature of Self-Control, Dr. Barkley : currently unavailable online, this book is less cumbersome than the textbook above, but also a fairly heavy read.

Attention-Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (Fourth Edition, Dr. Barkley) : This is an expensive textbook and a very heavy read. I highly recommend reading Taking Charge of ADHD first and then deciding if you wish to deepen your knowledge on an academic level.

What books about ADHD do you recommend?

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