Something happened!

Recently, I posted excitedly on social media about how I was nearing ten thousand followers on Medium

I’ve been working really hard on my writing, I’ve published 310 articles since April 2021.

Earlier this morning, my followers had increased a bit further, and I was at 9.2K.

Only an hour later, I was suddenly down to 8.9K!

I lost over 300 followers in under one hour. I’ve never lost more than one or two in a day, let alone an hour.

For those who aren’t trying to make a living through writing, this may seem like a silly thing to set upset about…

But since the pandemic significantly impacted my other business and source of income, writing has been my livelihood. That means followers disappearing is money disappearing.

If any fellow Medium writers can shed some light on what might have happened, and whether there’s a way to fix this, I would be extremely grateful.

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