Advocacy Services

20+ years of experience supporting children with disabilities.

Jillian has a diploma in Child & Youth Work, as well as a degree in Psychology, and has been working as a child advocate since 2017.

We can advocate for your child at their school, other programs, and in their community activities. We work collaboratively with other service providers and agencies. If required, Jillian can attend IEP/SSP and other school-planning meetings to ensure your child’s rights and needs are being met.

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Advocacy Services

We advocate for children to be fully and effectively supported, promote neurodiversity awareness, and educate communities and professionals about neurodiversity. We will work with you and your child’s school to ensure their rights and needs are being met.

Because Every Child Deserves the Best.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.

To learn more about what effective advocacy can look like, please visit our blog.

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