Bullying Help

If a child tells you they are being bullied:

  • Believe the child and take them seriously.
  • Listen and provide a safe space for the child to talk.
  • Let them know it’s not their fault, you’re sorry this is happening, and that you will help them.
  • Tell them you care about them, they do not deserve this, and that it is not okay for someone to treat them this way.
  • Advocate for the child and get them help immediately.

Bullying Help and Resources

Bullying Canada


CSSN (The Canadian Safe School Network)

Dare to Care

Stop a Bully

B-Free (Bully-Free)

Erase Bullying

I Am Someone (let’s end bullying)

Pink Shirt Day

Crisis Resources

Kids Help Phone

Neurodiversity MB’s Crisis Resources Page

I also provide support services such as individual counselling, private consults, and advocacy services.

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