March Articles So Far

A collection of my articles published in the first ten days of March. I Shouldn’t Have To Read Your Damn Mind A harmful myth about Autism persists. (Actually, quite a few harmful myths and stereotypes persist, but today I’m talking about one in particular). Despite extensive evidence to the contrary, many “professionals” continue to perpetuate thisContinue reading “March Articles So Far”

Get Curious, Not Furious

Behaviour happens for a reason. Punishing it ignores the reason. ‘Old school’ thinking We’ve been taught that if we don’t give consequences when our children mess up, they won’t “learn their lesson”. This assumes children are inherently “bad” and don’t want to do well. It begins with the assumption that they prefer to misbehave unless we putContinue reading “Get Curious, Not Furious”

School Stresses

February was inclusive education month. I have been low-key “harassing”* our Minister of Education by sending a tweet a day, every single day for the month of February. This is part of my work aiming to draw attention to the fact that our government does nothing meaningful toward improving inclusion in Manitoba’s public schools. *PleaseContinue reading “School Stresses”

Public Education Is Willfully Failing Our Children

Making education a political issue is the worst thing we could have done Political issues Instead of our children’s education, mental health, and development being the central focus, we’ve made education a political issue. Now the primary concerns are optics, data, and re-election prospects. Education should be a purely public service, a nonpartisan issue. The qualityContinue reading “Public Education Is Willfully Failing Our Children”

Our Kids Are Already Resilient

We don’t need to teach them hard lessons, they’re already learning them “There is nobody more resilient than a child who has fought hard to function in a world not built for them.” — Heidi Mavir Resilience versus compliance The definition of resiliency is, “an ability to recover from or adjust easily to adversity or change”. The definitionContinue reading “Our Kids Are Already Resilient”

February Articles Summary

A collection of some of my writing from the past month. Education Staff: Stop Gaslighting Parents Public education is in serious trouble, and has been for a very long time. We need to stop turning these into ‘schools versus parents’ issues. We’re too busy being angry at one another, pointing the finger back and forth betweenContinue reading “February Articles Summary”

When Inclusion Leads To Exclusion

I promise you’ll be underwhelmed What Inclusive Education Month entails February is national inclusive education month in Canada! Want to know what we do here in Manitoba to mark the occasion? Our minister of education makes a declaration, posting a picture of the proclamation on social media. That’s it. What we need Rather than an empty proclamationContinue reading “When Inclusion Leads To Exclusion”

What Inclusive Education Really Means

What inclusive education really means to neurodivergent and disabled students Since our Minister of Education didn’t bother to ask disabled students and their families for their input, I decided to do it for them. The following is a compilation of comments from Manitoban parents whose children live with disabilities and are currently in public school. ThisContinue reading “What Inclusive Education Really Means”

Setting Up Chill Zones And Calming Corners

Creating safe and effective regulation spaces at home and in the classroom What is a regulation space? A regulation space — also sometimes called a zen zone, chill zone, sensory space, or calming corner — is a safe and quiet area where a person can go to regulate (i.e. “calm down”) when they are feeling overwhelmed. Important Notes for AdultsContinue reading “Setting Up Chill Zones And Calming Corners”

How To Study With ADHD

Effective study tips and strategies for fellow ADHDers Welcome to my nerd-dom I am a self-professed nerd (and proud of it). I love to read, I love to learn, and if school had been free, I would have remained a student for many more years. As it is, I have two degrees, and spend much of myContinue reading “How To Study With ADHD”