Manitoba PCs Name New Minister Of Education

He certainly can’t any do worse than the last one Mr. Ewasko brings much more experience to this role, having worked as a teacher and guidance counsellor for 17 years. Unfortunately, he takes on this portfolio during public education’s most difficult time in recent memory. Students are returning to school as the omicron variant rages across Manitoba;Continue reading “Manitoba PCs Name New Minister Of Education”

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism in Education

Creating welcoming classrooms, schools, and communities Possibilities This morning I learned that a school division in our province has created a brand new position, Divisional Principal of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism Services. I also learned that the person hired into the position is an intelligent, highly qualified black woman who is working on aContinue reading “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism in Education”

Pandemic Homeschooling: Am I Doing This Right?

Yes. The answer is yes. Sharing for any families who are being thrown back into at-home learning, virtual classes, or homeschooling.  Confession: I dreaded homeschooling. I love kids, I love my son, and I love watching him learn… but I truly thought I would hate teaching. Although I loved attending University and I love learning, I alsoContinue reading “Pandemic Homeschooling: Am I Doing This Right?”

Helping Your Child Thrive During Remote Learning

If I can do it, anyone can I dreaded remote learning. I love my son and I love watching him learn. I am also trying to run a business from home. I feared that ADHD, plus home office, plus homeschooling was a recipe for disaster. My son and I are like two peas in a pod,Continue reading “Helping Your Child Thrive During Remote Learning”

My Anti-Behaviourism Series

My stories explaining the many problems with behaviourism, backed by extensive research Dear readers, I have a(nother) confession to make: Once upon a time, I was a behaviourist. I was a professional dog trainer for 11 years. While I was a positive, fear free certified trainer, I was still a behaviourist. Fast forward to 2019,Continue reading “My Anti-Behaviourism Series”

Education-Sponsored Gaslighting

Some social-emotional programs are ableist and invalidating Ever had someone tell you you’re overreacting? How’d that work out for you? We forget that feelings and emotions are, by definition, not rational. Teaching emotion regulation skills does not require us to agree with someone’s reason for being upset.  Read my article on Invisible Illness. When youContinue reading “Education-Sponsored Gaslighting”

Dysgraphia in Autism and ADHD

Why you or your child might hate handwriting and printing Weakness in fine motor skills is an extremely common difficulty amongst those of us who are Autistic and/or have ADHD. It is estimated that more than 60% of ADHD and Autistic people have dysgraphia, a disorder of written expression; and over 90% of us have weaknesses in our fine motorContinue reading “Dysgraphia in Autism and ADHD”

Demanding Blind Obedience is Dangerous 

Those who subvert authority change the world for the better “He doesn’t respect authority.” Good, he shouldn’t. Not without good reason. “He needs to do what he’s told.” Again, not without good reason. If you want people to respect you, first make sure you’re behaving like someone worthy of respect. “When we become untrustworthy, childrenContinue reading “Demanding Blind Obedience is Dangerous “

Practical Classroom Supports

Actual accommodations and adaptations that help neurodivergent students thrive While every child’s needs are different, and some accommodations or supports may be complex, there are some that can be implemented right away, or at least fairy quickly and without great expense. What about you, your child, or your students? What supports and accommodations are mostContinue reading “Practical Classroom Supports”

Stop Gaslighting Children

Being bullied is never the fault of the victim Whereas approximately 25% of non-disabled and neurotypical youth experience bullying, children with disabilities are twice as likely to be victimized. It’s estimated that 60% of Autistic children and 40% of children with ADHD experience bullying in school. Why are we singling out the victims of bullyingContinue reading “Stop Gaslighting Children”