I Wish I’d Heard About NewsBreak Sooner

Where were you brilliant writers 6 months ago? Disclaimer To my wonderful supporters who follow me or subscribe for my neurodiversity, education, mental health, and/or parenting content: I promise that is still the focus of my writing, I had to take a brief detour, but I will be back on track tomorrow! November 9th Update NovemberContinue reading “I Wish I’d Heard About NewsBreak Sooner”

Writing for Love and Money

An opportunity to pursue my passion and share my knowledge. I’ve always loved writing yet I’ve never considered myself a very creative person. I am good at technical writing, but I don’t paint pictures with words the way some very talented writers do. I’ve come to learn that I can write to my strengths andContinue reading “Writing for Love and Money”

ADHD Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs

Research shows us where ADHD and successful entrepreneurship overlap. I’ve been a successful entrepreneur for more than 11 years and only found out in October 2019 that I have ADHD. “Know yourself, honestly evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, then work to your strengths. Find ways to either improve upon, work around, accommodate, or outsource yourContinue reading “ADHD Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs”

It’s not a superpower, but it makes me one hell of an entrepreneur

Tips for writing successfully when you have ADHD, attention issues, or need strategies for being more productive. For any aspiring entrepreneur, especially my fellow writers whose brains work a little differently, these are simple yet important tips for keeping yourself moving toward your goals: Make lists (no, this one doesn’t count). Change your scenery regularly.Continue reading “It’s not a superpower, but it makes me one hell of an entrepreneur”

My ADHD Made me a Successful Entrepreneur

Originally posted on Medium. Have you noticed a change in my posts over the past year? OK, with everything going on, it not surprising that pretty much everyone’s posts have changed, so you may not have noticed. If you’re seeing posts from me both from Pawsitive Pet Care and from ADHD 2e MB and areContinue reading “My ADHD Made me a Successful Entrepreneur”