This Week On Medium

What you’ve missed if you don’t follow my writing on Medium. I saved the most popular for last… be sure to subscribe to receive an email when I publish new articles on Medium so you don’t miss any! 🙂 My Favourite Fiction Reads From This Winter I just returned from a weekend of winter camping,Continue reading “This Week On Medium”

The 3 Best Autistic-Led Books This Year

It’s only January, and I have already read three amazing books by (and with) Autistic authors What a year for Autistic Authors already! I am so excited about all of the incredible books that have been published, and are soon-to-be published, by Autistic authors. I am sure I will miss some, and for that I apologize inContinue reading “The 3 Best Autistic-Led Books This Year”

Fiction So Often Reflects Reality

The book Circe, by Madeline Miller, relates to my professional and personal parenting experiences A few nights ago I came across a couple of paragraphs that really resonated with me as they reflect, in a very unique way, my philosophy when it comes to parenting and supporting children. Compliance does not mean a child has learnedContinue reading “Fiction So Often Reflects Reality”