Autistic Self-Advocacy

April is Autistic Pride Month! This April… Please don’t light it up blue or use puzzle pieces for “awareness”. I recognize most neurotypical (NT) people who use these symbols have good intentions and are trying to support Autistic people. The first step to becoming an ally to a marginalized group is to actually listen to them.Continue reading “Autistic Self-Advocacy”

This Week On Medium

What you’ve missed if you don’t follow my writing on Medium. I saved the most popular for last… be sure to subscribe to receive an email when I publish new articles on Medium so you don’t miss any! 🙂 My Favourite Fiction Reads From This Winter I just returned from a weekend of winter camping,Continue reading “This Week On Medium”

Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2023

In typical ADHD fashion, I nearly forgot and missed it altogether I’ve taken in a couple of the free talks offered by Neurodiversity Celebration Week (NCW). Most of them are geared towards people who are new to neurodiversity, but there are also some panels which are more in-depth. The entire schedule of events can beContinue reading “Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2023”

The Ways ADHD And Autism Impact How We Move Our Bodies

Proprioception, interoception, dyspraxia, apraxia, and hypermobility disorders in ADHD and Autism. A collection of stories describing these commonly co-occurring conditions. Clumsy, or Neurodivergent? Interoception, proprioception, and postural sway. An explanation of some unexpected ADHD and Autistic traits, such as difficulties with various sensorimotor skills. Postural Sway in ADHD and Autism Postural instability, toe-walking, and other characteristicContinue reading “The Ways ADHD And Autism Impact How We Move Our Bodies”

March Articles So Far

A collection of my articles published in the first ten days of March. I Shouldn’t Have To Read Your Damn Mind A harmful myth about Autism persists. (Actually, quite a few harmful myths and stereotypes persist, but today I’m talking about one in particular). Despite extensive evidence to the contrary, many “professionals” continue to perpetuate thisContinue reading “March Articles So Far”

Falsehoods and Freedoms

A collection of three stories related to the untruths we tell children about the world, and the misinformation we interpret from others’ communication. These were all originally published on Medium, please follow me there to stay up to date on new articles as they are published. Don’t Ignore That ‘False’ Alarm Canaries, popcorn, smoke detectors,Continue reading “Falsehoods and Freedoms”

Our Kids Are Already Resilient

We don’t need to teach them hard lessons, they’re already learning them “There is nobody more resilient than a child who has fought hard to function in a world not built for them.” — Heidi Mavir Resilience versus compliance The definition of resiliency is, “an ability to recover from or adjust easily to adversity or change”. The definitionContinue reading “Our Kids Are Already Resilient”

February Articles Summary

A collection of some of my writing from the past month. Education Staff: Stop Gaslighting Parents Public education is in serious trouble, and has been for a very long time. We need to stop turning these into ‘schools versus parents’ issues. We’re too busy being angry at one another, pointing the finger back and forth betweenContinue reading “February Articles Summary”

What Is An Autism & ADHD Coach?

Autism and ADHD coaching Ever wondered what an Autism, Executive Functioning, or ADHD Coach does? I outline some of the supports a neurodiversity-affirming professional coach should be willing, qualified, and able to provide. ADHD Coaching ADHD coaching and support can be related to school, work, and home. Help from a professional for getting organized, navigatingContinue reading “What Is An Autism & ADHD Coach?”

My Top Articles of January 2023

My five most popular stories on Medium this past month I’ve been busy! I published 28 articles on Medium between January 9 and February 9 (I guess this one will be number twenty-nine). I’ve found there’s an ebb and flow to my writing. I go through periods of feeling uninspired, and then something really pisses me offContinue reading “My Top Articles of January 2023”