Echolalia Is Not “Meaningless” Speech

Why you should never try to stop or “treat” echolalia, especially in Autistic people W‌hat is Echolalia? Echolalia is the repetition or echoing of words or sounds that you hear someone else say. ‌Echolalia is an important part of language development for all children, and one of the ways children learn how to communicate verbally. AutisticsContinue reading “Echolalia Is Not “Meaningless” Speech”

Autistic And ADHD Differences

Comparing ADHD vs Autism How they are similar and how to tell them apart There are many similarities and overlapping traits between ADHD and Autism, to the point where sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference. Each person’s experience will be different, but I’ll outline some of the similarities and highlight the differences. WhileContinue reading “Autistic And ADHD Differences”

Alternatives To Behaviour Therapies

Alternatives to ABA therapy, as well as PTMB, PBIS, and all of its cousins Alternatives to ABA Therapy There is a significant gap in the knowledge Learning one’s child is Autistic can bring about so many different emotions and reactions. One common experience is feeling very lost and not knowing what to do, or where to goContinue reading “Alternatives To Behaviour Therapies”

The 3 Best Autistic-Led Books This Year

It’s only January, and I have already read three amazing books by (and with) Autistic authors What a year for Autistic Authors already! I am so excited about all of the incredible books that have been published, and are soon-to-be published, by Autistic authors. I am sure I will miss some, and for that I apologize inContinue reading “The 3 Best Autistic-Led Books This Year”

Helping Our Kids Get (a little) More Organized

Tips for teaching children to keep their rooms tidy — or at least less messy “My kid can’t keep their room clean for five minutes!” I’ve read comments like these online and have heard them directly from parents so many times. Exasperated, they ask me, “why can’t they just clean their room when I ask them?!” I’ll provideContinue reading “Helping Our Kids Get (a little) More Organized”

Dyspraxia And Apraxia

Motor and coordination issues in Autism and ADHD Communication is a basic human right Humans place an unreasonable level of importance on communicating verbally, but that’s an ableist belief of superiority based on speech being the method of communication preferred by the majority of the population. Building on my previous article, I do acknowledge the potential flawsContinue reading “Dyspraxia And Apraxia”

No, Tylenol Does Not Cause Autism

That’s not what the research says: there is no conclusive evidence proving a causal link Popular media always gets it wrong I was avoiding writing about this because I did not want to lend validity to the ridiculousness of these recent claims that Tylenol causes Autism. Having recently been solicited by Autism Moms (TM), asking me toContinue reading “No, Tylenol Does Not Cause Autism”

Time Blindness Explained

ADHD, Autism, and Executive Dysfunction What is time blindness? Time blindness is difficulty recognizing or estimating the amount of time which has passed. It can also cause difficulty estimating how long it will take to complete a task. Time blindness can happen as a result of executive functioning challenges causing difficulty with planning and organization.Continue reading “Time Blindness Explained”

Autistic Mirroring, Masking, & “Unstable Personality”

Yet another ‘ah-ha’ moment for me. One of my most popular pieces is I Was Masking For So Long, I Lost Myself. That story begins with the following quote: “She doesn’t have her own personality, she just acts like whoever she’s with.” An observant, but cruel bully said this about me, I think I was aboutContinue reading “Autistic Mirroring, Masking, & “Unstable Personality””

Strategies for Managing Executive Functioning Challenges for Adults

How partners, employers, and loved ones can support people with executive functioning difficulties Executive functions Neurodivergent folks struggle with executive functions (EF). There are roughly five categories of EFs, and each person will struggle in different areas. In this article, I will provide concrete examples of how each EF might look at home or atContinue reading “Strategies for Managing Executive Functioning Challenges for Adults”