Teaching Kids Mental Flexibility

Helping our children see shades of grey and improve cognitive adaptability When our kids jump to conclusions, or are engaging in rigid thinking, it’s our natural instinct to try and explain away what we perceive as inaccurate reasoning. We often try to logic people out of their feelings, and I have certainly been guilty ofContinue reading “Teaching Kids Mental Flexibility”

Preventing Seclusion And Restraint In Schools

No school should ever have the right to seclude or restrain children Recently our school division developed a policy on seclusion and restraint. Policy is a very generous term for this two-page document with very little substance. Despite the wealth of research and information available to guide these types of policies, it appears our division didContinue reading “Preventing Seclusion And Restraint In Schools”

Jillian’s Journeys

A collection of our adventures travelling and camping across Canada The adventures have begun… Stay tuned to this space for more stories about our family road trips across Canada, and camping all around Canada this summer! Make sure you’ve signed up to receive an email when I publish a new story, so that you don’t miss anyContinue reading “Jillian’s Journeys”

My Reading Recommendations

The most informative books about neurodiversity, education, parenting, disability, advocacy, and more Neurodiversity MB’s Book & Podcast Recommendations Please note that I have provided links primarily to the paperback copies of these books. However, many are also available in eBook or audiobook for a quicker download and are usually a less expensive option. Table of Contents IContinue reading “My Reading Recommendations”

Respectful Parenting Is Not Permissive Parenting

Reductio ad absurdum Allowing our children choices is neither reckless nor permissive. Ensuring our children have autonomy within developmentally-appropriate bounds is an important way for them to hone their decision-making skills. Hovering over them, micro-managing, and controlling their every move robs kids of important learning opportunities. Expecting kids to do everything we say whenever we sayContinue reading “Respectful Parenting Is Not Permissive Parenting”

Autism FAQs

Answering the most common questions I receive about Autism Is Autism a Disability? Yes and no. It depends. Okay, yes — but not in the way you’d think. Some people consider their neurotype a disability in itself because their own Autistic traits cause them distress — for example, sensory issues related to one’s own body. Many consider autism a disabilityContinue reading “Autism FAQs”

Children Deserve Autonomy

I choose joyful chaos over despondent deference I’ve heard this said about my son on more than one occasion, “he seems to think he can do what he wants, and doesn’t have to do something if he doesn’t want to.” Um, well, yes. He’s a human being after all, with free will and autonomy. CertainlyContinue reading “Children Deserve Autonomy”

Behaviour Plans Are Written For The Adults, Not The Kids

Behaviour plans are useless, unless the adults have developed — and continue to develop — secure relationships with the children What is a behaviour plan? Around here we have something called a Behaviour Intervention Plan (BIP). If a child is consistently or repeatedly demonstrating concerning behaviours at school, the family and select school staff will work together to develop aContinue reading “Behaviour Plans Are Written For The Adults, Not The Kids”

The Best Books About Emotional Regulation

My reading recommendations: the best books about emotions, regulation, and parenting When I went camping, I packed more books than clothes! I went camping for 6 days for my birthday and spent a lot of time reading, so I thought I’d share some more of my reading recommendations with you. Books About Emotion Regulation and BehaviourContinue reading “The Best Books About Emotional Regulation”

Kids Know Exactly How We Feel About Them

We’re not fooling anyone, and the way we interpret a child’s behaviour has a significant influence on how we respond. I’m in a few parenting groups on Facebook. They’re all groups for parents of neurodivergent kids: ADHD, Autistic, and twice exceptional. Some of the posts, comments, and advice shared are amazing. They’re compassionate, intelligent, and insightful.Continue reading “Kids Know Exactly How We Feel About Them”