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Neurodiversity Support, Counselling, Coaching, and Advocacy

Neurodiversity MB Support Services

Please note that neither you, nor your child, nor anyone in your family are required to have a formal diagnosis in order to access our services. 

We offer coaching, individual counselling, and advocacy services to anyone who feels they would benefit from these supports.  

Professional Support, Counselling, Coaching, and Advocacy Services

We will work with your family, your child’s school and other agencies. We advocate for children to be fully and effectively supported, promote neurodiversity awareness, and educate communities and professionals about neurodiversity.  

Individual Counselling$25 – $80 / hr.
Resource Navigation$25 – $80 / hr.
Remote Consultation $20 – $50 / hr.
ADHD 2e Coaching$20 – $80 / hr.
Advocacy Services$25 – $80 / hr.
*All services are offered on a sliding scale based on family household income.

Professional Development
and Workshops

We will develop customized professional development and workshops for your organization. Contact us to discuss your needs and goals for furthering your skills and knowledge in supporting children who have ADHD and/or are Twice Exceptional.

Virtual Presentation$80 / hour
Staff Training$120 / hr.
Workshop$150 / hr.
Professional Development$150 / hr.
Contact for details

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