Training for Summer Camp Staff 2022

Neurodiversity Training for Summer Camp Staff

Providing camp staff with tools for supporting neurodiverse children, children with disabilities, and children requiring additional behavioural supports. ADHD 2e MB will help you offer a more inclusive summer camp experience for all children.

Jillian is a certified ADHD expert, with a BA in Psychology and a diploma in Child & Youth Work.

Jillian has worked as a child advocate, ADHD educator, and inclusion specialist since 2017, and has worked in the social services field for more than twenty years.

Why Are We Offering This Training?

Jillian has a son who is twice exceptional (2e). This means he is considered intellectually gifted as well as being diagnosed with a disability (his being ADHD, diagnosed by a school psychologist and his pediatrician).

Since 2017, Jillian has been advocating for her son and children like him in schools across Manitoba. Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation, misunderstanding, and a general lack of knowledge about neurodiversity amongst people who work with children.

Jillian, and many others in the field, are working hard to change this, but change is painfully slow.

Our Inspiration

Each Spring we hear from parents inquiring about which summer camps they should sign their child up for. Sadly, many summer camps are not well prepared or equipped to support neurodiverse children or children with behavioural challenges, leaving families struggling to find the right fit.

Summer camp can be the highlight of a child’s life, but being denied access or being kicked out of summer camp can leave lasting psychological wounds for a child and their family. It is our goal to prevent this.

Our Goal

It is our goal to prevent these problems from happening by providing summer camp staff with the tools and knowledge to support neurodiverse campers. We want camp staff and all of their campers to have an amazing summer and for neurodiverse children to have a successful and positive experience at summer camp!

Deadline to register is Friday, May 20, 2022

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