Organization Strategies for Neurodivergents

Help overcoming executive functioning challenges and inertia Overwhelm I’m standing in the middle of my home office. The surface of my desk is covered with papers, sticky notes, and dirty coffee mugs. I take a few steps towards it, then stop. I try to think about where to start. I move a little closer. I moveContinue reading “Organization Strategies for Neurodivergents”

What Is An Autism & ADHD Coach?

Autism and ADHD coaching Ever wondered what an Autism, Executive Functioning, or ADHD Coach does? I outline some of the supports a neurodiversity-affirming professional coach should be willing, qualified, and able to provide. ADHD Coaching ADHD coaching and support can be related to school, work, and home. Help from a professional for getting organized, navigatingContinue reading “What Is An Autism & ADHD Coach?”

The Most-Searched ADHD Topics of 2021

The ADHD-related terms most frequently searched on Google in 2021 I realize 2021 isn’t quite over, but I have ADHD and am very impatient. When I get an idea in my head, it has to happen right now, so you’re welcome. 10) Executive Dysfunction Executive functions enable us to plan for the future, focus our attention,Continue reading “The Most-Searched ADHD Topics of 2021”