I’m Not Listening!

APD has various distinct categories: Auditory closure: Difficulty filling in the gaps of speech when it is more challenging. Dichotic listening: Difficulty understanding competing, meaningful speech that happens at the same time. Temporal processing: Recognizing differences in speech sounds, and understand pitch & intonation. Binaural interaction: This is the ability to know which side speechContinue reading “I’m Not Listening!”

Neurodiversity Is Not A Group of People

Neurodiversity is a political movement, a philosophy, and a personal framework. I made a rookie mistake. I don’t use reddit, but recently discovered r/ADHD, and tried to post there without first reading the community rules and guidelines. I made a short, simple post introducing myself as a fellow neurodivergent, which was flagged by the moderatorContinue reading “Neurodiversity Is Not A Group of People”

ADHD Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs

Research shows us where ADHD and successful entrepreneurship overlap. I’ve been a successful entrepreneur for more than 11 years and only found out in October 2019 that I have ADHD. “Know yourself, honestly evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, then work to your strengths. Find ways to either improve upon, work around, accommodate, or outsource yourContinue reading “ADHD Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs”

Defining ADHD Paralysis

It’s totally a thing, but not actually a thing… I used to think that I was supposed to complete tasks in a certain way, like the way neurotypicals do, I guess. Don’t try to force yourself to be neurotypical if you’re not. Find adaptations for the differences that cause you grief — while embracing theContinue reading “Defining ADHD Paralysis”

ADHD: The Gift That STILL Keeps On Giving

Comorbid Conditions Continued A Brief Recap I previously wrote about the most common co-occurring conditions with ADHD, which are anxiety, depression, bipolar, addictions, and borderline personality (BPD). Anxiety disorders are the most prevalent groups of comorbidities in people with ADHD, most commonly social anxiety, generalized anxiety, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Depression and Bipolar disorder (BD) are also highly comorbid with ADHD. CliniciansContinue reading “ADHD: The Gift That STILL Keeps On Giving”

October Call for Submissions

October is ADHD Awareness Month! Neurodiversified is our Medium publication, and we are inviting writers to submit their stories about ADHD, neurodiversity, mental health, psychology, and parenting. In true ADHD form, we are sharing our October call for submissions 11 days into October… but hey, better late than never is sort of an ADHD motto. Our OctoberContinue reading “October Call for Submissions”

Challenging Common Myths About ADHD

October is ADHD Awareness Month, so we’ll continue debunking stereotypes and correcting misinformation. “An ADHD brain is wired differently from other brains, and no sugar-free, gluten-free, screen-free diet is going to change that.” “Instead of expecting the children to do better, first we the adults must do better. Then the children will feel better, thenContinue reading “Challenging Common Myths About ADHD”

Lucky vs. Unlucky Behaviours

Why some people get support while others just get punished As a child and young adult with undiagnosed ADHD, I always experienced my emotions very intensely. I did not learn, and was not taught, adaptive coping skills or social skills, so I was punished for my “misbehaviour”. In childhood, I frequently acted out with both verbal and physicalContinue reading “Lucky vs. Unlucky Behaviours”

Impulsivity: It’s a Neurodivergent Thing.

A relatable explanation for anyone who does not understand impulsivity. “What were you thinking?!” My son and I both have ADHD. I know I’ve asked myself this question. Many. Times. Read our article on Fourth Wave.