I Discussed ADHD On National News

ADHD Education Report Card Reflection The Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada (CADDAC) recently put out a policy paper entitled 2021 Report Card: ADHD in the School System. This paper a 10-year follow-up to a similar report the CADDAC shared in 2010. In response, I and representatives from other agencies were interviewed by CityNews for our perspectives on supportingContinue reading “I Discussed ADHD On National News”

Cultivating Inclusive Classrooms

What it really means to have an inclusive classroom Inclusion is Not a Place. Inclusion is an attitude; it’s an embodied philosophy. Inclusion is borne out of school culture. Inclusion is not simply about physical proximity. It is about intentionally planning for the success of all students. When children with disabilities are lumped into general educationContinue reading “Cultivating Inclusive Classrooms”

Helping Your Child Thrive During Remote Learning

If I can do it, anyone can I dreaded remote learning. I love my son and I love watching him learn. I am also trying to run a business from home. I feared that ADHD, plus home office, plus homeschooling was a recipe for disaster. My son and I are like two peas in a pod,Continue reading “Helping Your Child Thrive During Remote Learning”

Retribution Versus Restoration

Why are we, as a society, so damn obsessed with punishment and retribution? I work with children, and while I have worked in the youth justice system, I’m focusing here on everyday minor infractions. We carry this false belief that a person has to learn what they did was wrong, so they must be punished in a manner commensurateContinue reading “Retribution Versus Restoration”

Practical Classroom Supports

Actual accommodations and adaptations that help neurodivergent students thrive While every child’s needs are different, and some accommodations or supports may be complex, there are some that can be implemented right away, or at least fairy quickly and without great expense. What about you, your child, or your students? What supports and accommodations are mostContinue reading “Practical Classroom Supports”

The Most-Searched ADHD Topics of 2021

The ADHD-related terms most frequently searched on Google in 2021 I realize 2021 isn’t quite over, but I have ADHD and am very impatient. When I get an idea in my head, it has to happen right now, so you’re welcome. 10) Executive Dysfunction Executive functions enable us to plan for the future, focus our attention,Continue reading “The Most-Searched ADHD Topics of 2021”

Questions To Ask Prospective Schools

Considering moving your child to a new school? My advice? Take. Your. Time. If your child is unhappy at their current school, if you feel you have tried everything to work with that school to help them meet your child’s needs, or if you feel there is little chance of improvement, it may be timeContinue reading “Questions To Ask Prospective Schools”

The ADHD Iceberg Explained

What it means when we reference an ADHD iceberg or behaviour iceberg Human beings, and human behaviour, are highly complex. There is always much more going on beneath the surface.  We are very quick to assume a person’s intent based on the behaviour we observe.  When it comes down to supporting children, or dealing withContinue reading “The ADHD Iceberg Explained”

Mindfulness: ADHD Style

New Study Highlights Benefits of Mindfulness for ADHD Symptoms Practical and applicable research for people with ADHD. Really? Mindfulness helps people with ADHD? You don’t say! Alright, before you wax sarcastic on me, I have to tell you this: I dislike mindfulness. Or perhaps I did not find my limited experience with mindfulness exercises atContinue reading “Mindfulness: ADHD Style”

Yes, ADHD is Genetic

And no, ADHD is not caused by trauma.  Unfortunately, many people with ADHD have experienced trauma, and certainly trauma will exacerbate and worsen ADHD symptoms. Neither of those are the same thing as actually causing a neurodevelopmental disorder. I didn’t think I would need to write this article. I thought anybody who has read anyContinue reading “Yes, ADHD is Genetic”