Harmful ADHD Stereotypes

ADHD is the most prevalent childhood disorder in Canada, yet many people have only the most basic understanding of what it is. October is ADHD Awareness Month, so I will share the top three essential facts I wish everyone understood about ADHD, with some help from an expert, Dr. Russell Barkley. Read my article on Neurodiversified.

If You Can Read This, You Do Not Struggle With Object Permanence

Piaget must be rolling in his grave…or at least rolling his eyes Fellow ADHDeres, lend me your… eyes. I have an announcement. We have ADHD. We are not infants. When I put my keys down in my office chair because my hands are full, then spend panicked minutes or hours the next morning desperately searchingContinue reading “If You Can Read This, You Do Not Struggle With Object Permanence”

7 Ways ADHD is Misunderstood

Seven (of the many) ways in which ADHD is about so much more than difficulty sitting still.  Originally posted August 13, 2020 “But he can focus on things he enjoys for hours at a time!”  That was my own reaction when the school psychologist gently suggested that we learn more about ADHD to see ifContinue reading “7 Ways ADHD is Misunderstood”