ADHD in Women and Girls

(But really, externalizing versus internalizing symptoms of ADHD) Before we understand how ADHD presents differently in women in comparison to men, one must understand that gender is socially constructed. I mention this because a lot of female-presenting individuals with ADHD either do not receive a diagnosis at all, or receive theirs much later in life. We are also moreContinue reading “ADHD in Women and Girls”

ADHD Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs

Research shows us where ADHD and successful entrepreneurship overlap. I’ve been a successful entrepreneur for more than 11 years and only found out in October 2019 that I have ADHD. “Know yourself, honestly evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, then work to your strengths. Find ways to either improve upon, work around, accommodate, or outsource yourContinue reading “ADHD Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs”

ADHD and Comorbid Conditions

The most common conditions co-occurring with ADHD are: anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, substance use and addictions, personality disorders, and autism.