Executive Functions for Kids And Parents

As parents of neurodiverse children, it’s our responsibility to understand what reasonable expectations might be for our children. Children with asynchronous development may need a little extra patience and guidance. When we have a deeper understanding of the challenges they face on a moment-to-moment basis, this helps us show our kids more compassion and empathy,Continue reading “Executive Functions for Kids And Parents”

My ADHD Diagnosis Took Three Decades

A Q&A with the Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada. CADDAC is raising awareness about the presence and impact of ADHD on women and girls.

Stop Calling Children “Defiant”

Just. Stop. Why We Must Stop Calling Children “Defiant” “Morality is doing what is right regardless of what you are told. Obedience is doing what is told regardless of what is right.” — H.L. Mencken “The symptoms of Compliance Acquiescent Disorder (CAD) include: defers to authority, actively obeys rules, fails to argue back, knuckles underContinue reading “Stop Calling Children “Defiant””

When a Diagnosis is More Than Just a Label

An accurate diagnosis can open the door to treatment, resources, and support.  A diagnosis can help people find their cohorts, which in turn helps them to feel less alone. Continue reading on Destigmatizing.

Back-to-School Story Series

Getting ready for back to school? We have compiled a list of our school-related stories to help you and your child (or students) prepare for going back to school.  For Parents & Caregivers Advocacy in Education For School Staff (& everyone) Check it out on our publication, Neurodiversified. 

7 Ways ADHD is Misunderstood

Seven (of the many) ways in which ADHD is about so much more than difficulty sitting still.  Originally posted August 13, 2020 “But he can focus on things he enjoys for hours at a time!”  That was my own reaction when the school psychologist gently suggested that we learn more about ADHD to see ifContinue reading “7 Ways ADHD is Misunderstood”