The Most-Searched ADHD Topics of 2021

The ADHD-related terms most frequently searched on Google in 2021 I realize 2021 isn’t quite over, but I have ADHD and am very impatient. When I get an idea in my head, it has to happen right now, so you’re welcome. 10) Executive Dysfunction Executive functions enable us to plan for the future, focus our attention,Continue reading “The Most-Searched ADHD Topics of 2021”

Mindfulness: ADHD Style

New Study Highlights Benefits of Mindfulness for ADHD Symptoms Practical and applicable research for people with ADHD. Really? Mindfulness helps people with ADHD? You don’t say! Alright, before you wax sarcastic on me, I have to tell you this: I dislike mindfulness. Or perhaps I did not find my limited experience with mindfulness exercises atContinue reading “Mindfulness: ADHD Style”

Amen’s “7 Types of A.D.D.” Are B.S.

They’re nothing more than repackaging a condition in order to sell products In my previous piece, ADHD Quackery, I railed against the harmful lies that so-called professionals are spreading in order to sell vulnerable people a quick fix or “cure” for what ails them. In this particular case, ADHD. My latest expression of contempt wasContinue reading “Amen’s “7 Types of A.D.D.” Are B.S.”

ADHD Quackery

I am tired of so-called “professionals” making false claims for financial benefit I was starting to write a piece about Dr. Amen’s “7 Types of ADD” and how they’re essentially a repackaging of ADHD, with some made-up terms thrown in, in order to sell products. As I worked my way toward the seven types thisContinue reading “ADHD Quackery”

Research Shows What People With ADHD Have Been Saying For Years

Thanks for catching up, academia. Find out what the neurodivergent community has been trying to explain to the general population for decades. Read my new article on Invisible Illness. If you’re a Medium member, read my article on Invisible Illness. If you’re a registered News Break member, read my article on NewsBreak. 

A History of ADHD

This summer I was searching online for information on the history of ADHD. I could only find out of date, poorly-researched articles in popular media, so I decided to write my own. If you’re a Medium member, continue reading on Neurodiversified. If you’re a News Break user, continue reading on NewsBreak.