The Most-Searched ADHD Topics of 2021

The ADHD-related terms most frequently searched on Google in 2021 (so far) were: 1) ADHD Paralysis It’s totally a thing, but not really a thing… ADHD Paralysis is kind of a cool term, but it’s pretty non-specific. In my article, I break it down in relation to problems with executive functioning. 2) ADHD Iceberg The ADHD IcebergContinue reading “The Most-Searched ADHD Topics of 2021”

The ADHD Iceberg Explained

What it means when we reference an ADHD iceberg or behaviour iceberg Human beings, and human behaviour, are highly complex. There is always much more going on beneath the surface.  We are very quick to assume a person’s intent based on the behaviour we observe.  When it comes down to supporting children, or dealing withContinue reading “The ADHD Iceberg Explained”

When a Diagnosis is More Than Just a Label

An accurate diagnosis can open the door to treatment, resources, and support.  A diagnosis can help people find their cohorts, which in turn helps them to feel less alone. Continue reading on Destigmatizing.

Struggling in School?

Are you seeing your child struggling in school, yet the school doesn’t feel it’s “that bad“?   I grow weary of hearing comments along the lines of “they’re not struggling enough to qualify for resources.”  Based on whose measure of “struggling“?   If a parent is expressing a concern, then the child is obviously struggling in some way,Continue reading “Struggling in School?”

7 Ways ADHD is Misunderstood

Seven (of the many) ways in which ADHD is about so much more than difficulty sitting still.  Originally posted August 13, 2020 “But he can focus on things he enjoys for hours at a time!”  That was my own reaction when the school psychologist gently suggested that we learn more about ADHD to see ifContinue reading “7 Ways ADHD is Misunderstood”