Planning A Trip While ADHD

Executive dysfunction and planning do not mix well I love camping. I love camping, but I hate getting ready for camping. I wrote last month about my family’s plans for a summer-long camping road trip. I am very excited, and have been for quite some time. We started planning this trip in January, as soon asContinue reading “Planning A Trip While ADHD”

Why Your Behaviour Chart Isn’t Working

Here’s why reward programs never work long-term When a child’s behaviours are challenging or concerning, we often jump to looking for solutions which address the behaviour, but not the underlying cause. When I receive reports from school staff and psychologists, they all have a similar theme: recommendations for behaviourism-based approaches, such as behaviour charts andContinue reading “Why Your Behaviour Chart Isn’t Working”

Autism Green Flags

Signs you or someone you know might be Autistic and AuSome I’ve come across some unfortunate websites and company advertisements warning parents to spot the “red flags” of autism. Spot the signs! They say, as though they’re watching for signs of high or low blood sugar, a stroke, or some other medical emergency. Except autism isn’tContinue reading “Autism Green Flags”

Half-Assed Accessibility Is Insulting

Services and accommodations provided to the disabled should be on par with those provided to the general population Offering ways for disabled clients or customers to access one’s business or institution that are of significantly lower quality than that offered to the general population is unacceptable. You may have read my previous piece, This IsContinue reading “Half-Assed Accessibility Is Insulting”

Strategies for Managing Executive Functioning Challenges

How parents, partners, and loved ones can support people with executive functioning difficulties Executive functions Neurodivergent folks struggle with executive functions (EF). There are roughly five categories of EFs, and each person will struggle in different areas. In this article, I will provide concrete examples of how each EF might look at home, as wellContinue reading “Strategies for Managing Executive Functioning Challenges”

Advisory Councils Are Useless

Advisory councils are useless without the authority and funding to make good on their recommendations This article was originally published on March 30, 2022. I am excited to say that I finally received a response letter from our Minister of Education. The letter essentially thanked me and pointed me to the ministry’s website, but it’sContinue reading “Advisory Councils Are Useless”

Autism FAQs

Answering the most common questions I receive about Autism Is Autism a Disability? Yes and no. It depends. Okay, yes — but not in the way you’d think. Some people consider their neurotype a disability in itself because their own Autistic traits cause them distress — for example, sensory issues related to one’s own body. Many consider autism a disabilityContinue reading “Autism FAQs”

Behaviour Plans Are Written For The Adults, Not The Kids

Behaviour plans are useless, unless the adults have developed — and continue to develop — secure relationships with the children What is a behaviour plan? Around here we have something called a Behaviour Intervention Plan (BIP). If a child is consistently or repeatedly demonstrating concerning behaviours at school, the family and select school staff will work together to develop aContinue reading “Behaviour Plans Are Written For The Adults, Not The Kids”

Why We Are Not Puzzle Pieces

Apparently further explanation is required My recent article, Autistic Appreciation, was shared on a popular advocacy page, one that I really like. It’s run by neurodiverse and disabled people for neurodiverse and disabled people. The article was shared using one of the images which was embedded further down. It was surrounded by extensive context and well-researched explanations for why IContinue reading “Why We Are Not Puzzle Pieces”

Sleep Issues in ADHD & Autism

March 14–20 is Sleep Awareness Week Sleep disorders are extremely common in neurodiverse individuals, so I want to share specific information related to sleep issues in autism and ADHD. Approximately 20% of the general population experiences difficulty with sleep. Up to 80% of people with ADHD or autism have insomnia or other sleep issues. ReadContinue reading “Sleep Issues in ADHD & Autism”