Links Between Dyslexia & ADHD

Exploring commonalities amongst diverse neurotypes I’ve been exploring as many divergent neurotypes as possible, in particular those that commonly co-occur with autism and ADHD (my neurotypes). I’m not dyslexic, and I’m not an expert on dyslexia, but ADHD and autism are my special interests. I want to learn as much as possible about their comorbid conditions because manyContinue reading “Links Between Dyslexia & ADHD”

I’m a Feminist And Didn’t Even Know It

My stories related to misogyny, sexism, and gender issues Feminism is defined as “the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.” I believe in human equality, regardless of gender identity or presentation, but I wouldn’t describe myself as an advocate for women’s rights. Not because I don’t want to fight forContinue reading “I’m a Feminist And Didn’t Even Know It”

Mid-January Writing Prompt

Welcoming our new writers and a writing prompt Happy New Year! Given the past two years have not gone at all as most of us would have liked, we hope to offer a small but meaningful source for mental health support, as well as neurodiversity-affirming, accessible, and evidence-based information. Neurodiversified started the year off by adding aContinue reading “Mid-January Writing Prompt”

Advocacy Is Not About You

It’s about lifting up the voices of the people for whom you advocate. Advocacy encompasses forms of solidarity, information-sharing, education, and support — oftentimes by members of the community themselves connecting, sharing resources, and supporting each other. When we assume we know what’s best for someone else, this is patronizing and infantilizing.  Regardless of a person’sContinue reading “Advocacy Is Not About You”

Medium Needs To Pay Its Writers More

Writers make the platform what it is, but do not reap the benefits of our hard work I am grateful for this community and to Medium for providing a venue for all of us to share our writing. I have learned a lot over the past eight or so months I’ve been reading and writing here,Continue reading “Medium Needs To Pay Its Writers More”

Why I’m Okay With My Son Calling Me Out

No, he does not get into trouble for calling me on my hypocrisy We don’t need to teach children to answer questions, we need to teach children to question the answers.  “That’s the thing about independently minded children. You bring them up teaching them to question authority, and you forget that the very first authorityContinue reading “Why I’m Okay With My Son Calling Me Out”

Pandemic Homeschooling: Am I Doing This Right?

Yes. The answer is yes. Sharing for any families who are being thrown back into at-home learning, virtual classes, or homeschooling.  Confession: I dreaded homeschooling. I love kids, I love my son, and I love watching him learn… but I truly thought I would hate teaching. Although I loved attending University and I love learning, I alsoContinue reading “Pandemic Homeschooling: Am I Doing This Right?”

ADHD in Women and Girls

(But really, externalizing versus internalizing symptoms of ADHD) Before we understand how ADHD presents differently in women in comparison to men, one must understand that gender is socially constructed. I mention this because a lot of female-presenting individuals with ADHD either do not receive a diagnosis at all, or receive theirs much later in life. We are also moreContinue reading “ADHD in Women and Girls”

Emotion in Motion

A series of my stories about emotions and emotion regulation Stories About Emotions A few days ago I wrote a flurry of stories about emotional dysregulation and co-regulation, which has prompted me to compile my related stories to make them easier to find. Interoception and emotion regulation The first one I wrote back in November. ThisContinue reading “Emotion in Motion”

Emotional Dysregulation is Not Always Pathological

Emotions are natural and necessary human responses I was doing research for another article, trying to find a scientific definition of emotional dysregulation. Instead, what I found was a series of peer-reviewed sources pathologizing intense feelings. It’s not our emotions that are extreme or inappropriate, it’s our behavioural responses to those emotions which can leadContinue reading “Emotional Dysregulation is Not Always Pathological”