The Potential New Canada Disability Benefit

Bill C-22 was unduly delayed in December so politicians could take an extended holiday An open letter to my Member of Parliament (MP) Candice Bergen, MPE-886 Thornhill StreetMorden, Manitoba R6M 2E1 Re: Bill C-22 — Canada Disability Benefit December 14, 2022 Dear Ms. Bergen, As your constituent I urge your continued support of Bill C-22, an Act toContinue reading “The Potential New Canada Disability Benefit”

Dyspraxia And Apraxia

Motor and coordination issues in Autism and ADHD Communication is a basic human right Humans place an unreasonable level of importance on communicating verbally, but that’s an ableist belief of superiority based on speech being the method of communication preferred by the majority of the population. Building on my previous article, I do acknowledge the potential flawsContinue reading “Dyspraxia And Apraxia”

#BellLetsTalk: Less Talking, More Walking

Walking the walk, as in effecting meaningful change 2023 update I was (unfortunately) just reminded that #BellLetsTalk day is coming up. In light of the blatant virtue signalling and large corporations profiting off a meaningless campaign, I propose a different hashtag to mark January 25, 2023. I propose #DontBeAllTalk. I am a neurodiversity and mentalContinue reading “#BellLetsTalk: Less Talking, More Walking”

If Inclusive Education Month Granted Wishes

As an advocate for children, these would be my three wishes February is inclusive education month It’s just around the corner. Anyone happen to see a blue genie with a big singing voice around lately? If inclusive education month were like a genie in a lamp that could grant me three inclusion-related wishes, these would beContinue reading “If Inclusive Education Month Granted Wishes”

Our Kids Deserve So Much Better

Manitoba’s government insists on wasting money which should be spent on bettering public education in our province If only this were satire Manitoba’s education ministry just announced a campaign to enhance student presence and engagement. Get this. They’re calling it… “School. Keep Going.” That’s it, that’s their slogan. What is the government actually doing? When I went toContinue reading “Our Kids Deserve So Much Better”

Speech Is Seriously Overrated

Assuming someone who does not speak is unintelligent is ableist b.s. There is a harmful and uneducated faction of the population who wrongly believe those who don’t use speech to communicate are less intelligent than those who do. Even more dangerous to the autonomy of non-speakers are those who believe that Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), andContinue reading “Speech Is Seriously Overrated”

My Top 5 Medium Articles From December & January

My five most popular stories from the last two months Happy new year! I’ve been on quite a roll so far this month, publishing 14 articles over the past 12 days. For those who were still in holiday mode and might have missed something, here are my five best-performing pieces on Medium from December 10, 2022 toContinue reading “My Top 5 Medium Articles From December & January”

Can’t Versus Won’t

Knowing when to push and when to back off is a difficult balance Thank you again! I continue to receive overwhelming response to my recent article, How Parenting Is Like Dog Training. Most of it is very positive, and those who disagree with some of what I wrote are asking intelligent, thought-provoking questions. I really appreciateContinue reading “Can’t Versus Won’t”

“No Pain No Gain”: Fact Or Fiction?

Do we actually benefit from learning to tolerate things we don’t like? Thank you for your responses I want to start out by thanking everyone for their enthusiastic responses to my recent article, How Parenting Is Like Dog Training. I appreciate all your thoughtful comments and questions, and enjoy the intellectual discussions that spawn from them.Continue reading ““No Pain No Gain”: Fact Or Fiction?”

How Parenting Is Like Dog Training

(as are teaching, or working with children in any capacity) There’s a popular saying in dog training: “Punishing the growl is like taking the batteries out of your smoke alarm.” What does this mean? Well, when we look at only the observable surface behaviour, we might call growing an “aggressive” behaviour and seek to punish it soContinue reading “How Parenting Is Like Dog Training”