Atypical Autistic Traits

Challenging stereotypes and describing some lesser-known Autistic traits A lot of non-conforming and marginalized people are misdiagnosed in healthcare, (including mental health) and psychological diagnoses. This includes female-presenting people (including cis-women), transgender folks-basically anyone in the LGBTQIA2+ community — people of colour, people impacted by poverty, immigrants, and many others. Identifying someone as Autistic can be difficult, especiallyContinue reading “Atypical Autistic Traits”

Unmasking in the Wild

I had a small but freeing unmasking experience today that I’d like to share with the Internet. If I can role-model that an Autistic/ADHD person can be highly intelligent, educated, and eloquent while also swivelling and fidgeting, then perhaps that’s one person’s preconceived notions shattered. If I can swivel and fidget while still being Adulty-and-Professional, then maybeContinue reading “Unmasking in the Wild”