This Is What Ableism Looks Like

A real-life example of what ableism and micro-aggressions look like in action Rather than one or two overt, obvious, significant incidents, those of us who are both marginalized and privileged often experience a multitude of micro-aggressions. These wear away at us until we lose our patience with society’s ableist crap, and then people wonder whyContinue reading “This Is What Ableism Looks Like”

Everything is on a spectrum

Deafness, Gender, Autism… but today we’re talking about Deafness. It’s Deaf Awareness Month, so I wanted to share a few public service announcements to help you navigate your next encounter with a Deaf person. Obviously we’re not a homogenous group and individual experiences and preferences will vary. Learn sign language from a Deaf person. TheyContinue reading “Everything is on a spectrum”

Have Hearing Aid, Will Travel

Being hard of hearing during a pandemic was hard enough Have you ever watched The Amazing Race or a similar reality T.V. show where people travel across the world to somewhere they’ve never been? I’ve watched people, who are visitors in another country, petulantly screaming “doesn’t anyone here speak ENGLISH?!” No, Karen, because you’re notContinue reading “Have Hearing Aid, Will Travel”