What Inclusive Education Really Means

What inclusive education really means to neurodivergent and disabled students Since our Minister of Education didn’t bother to ask disabled students and their families for their input, I decided to do it for them. The following is a compilation of comments from Manitoban parents whose children live with disabilities and are currently in public school. ThisContinue reading “What Inclusive Education Really Means”

Setting Up Chill Zones And Calming Corners

Creating safe and effective regulation spaces at home and in the classroom What is a regulation space? A regulation space — also sometimes called a zen zone, chill zone, sensory space, or calming corner — is a safe and quiet area where a person can go to regulate (i.e. “calm down”) when they are feeling overwhelmed. Important Notes for AdultsContinue reading “Setting Up Chill Zones And Calming Corners”

Helping Our Kids Get (a little) More Organized

Tips for teaching children to keep their rooms tidy — or at least less messy “My kid can’t keep their room clean for five minutes!” I’ve read comments like these online and have heard them directly from parents so many times. Exasperated, they ask me, “why can’t they just clean their room when I ask them?!” I’ll provideContinue reading “Helping Our Kids Get (a little) More Organized”

How To Study With ADHD

Effective study tips and strategies for fellow ADHDers Welcome to my nerd-dom I am a self-professed nerd (and proud of it). I love to read, I love to learn, and if school had been free, I would have remained a student for many more years. As it is, I have two degrees, and spend much of myContinue reading “How To Study With ADHD”

Inattentive ADHD & The Elephant Brain

Helping children and parents understand inattentive-type ADHD Book Review: Andrew’s Awesome Adventures With His ADHD Brain This article consists of two parts: The first is an explanation of inattentive-type ADHD and how it is different from other types. The second is a review of a book called Andrew’s Awesome Adventures With His ADHD Brain, by KristinContinue reading “Inattentive ADHD & The Elephant Brain”

If Inclusive Education Month Granted Wishes

As an advocate for children, these would be my three wishes February is inclusive education month It’s just around the corner. Anyone happen to see a blue genie with a big singing voice around lately? If inclusive education month were like a genie in a lamp that could grant me three inclusion-related wishes, these would beContinue reading “If Inclusive Education Month Granted Wishes”

Our Kids Deserve So Much Better

Manitoba’s government insists on wasting money which should be spent on bettering public education in our province If only this were satire Manitoba’s education ministry just announced a campaign to enhance student presence and engagement. Get this. They’re calling it… “School. Keep Going.” That’s it, that’s their slogan. What is the government actually doing? When I went toContinue reading “Our Kids Deserve So Much Better”

My Top 5 Medium Articles From December & January

My five most popular stories from the last two months Happy new year! I’ve been on quite a roll so far this month, publishing 14 articles over the past 12 days. For those who were still in holiday mode and might have missed something, here are my five best-performing pieces on Medium from December 10, 2022 toContinue reading “My Top 5 Medium Articles From December & January”

Can’t Versus Won’t

Knowing when to push and when to back off is a difficult balance Thank you again! I continue to receive overwhelming response to my recent article, How Parenting Is Like Dog Training. Most of it is very positive, and those who disagree with some of what I wrote are asking intelligent, thought-provoking questions. I really appreciateContinue reading “Can’t Versus Won’t”

“No Pain No Gain”: Fact Or Fiction?

Do we actually benefit from learning to tolerate things we don’t like? Thank you for your responses I want to start out by thanking everyone for their enthusiastic responses to my recent article, How Parenting Is Like Dog Training. I appreciate all your thoughtful comments and questions, and enjoy the intellectual discussions that spawn from them.Continue reading ““No Pain No Gain”: Fact Or Fiction?”