O.D.D. Does Not Exist

O.D.D. Does Not Exist As promised at the end of my previous article, I will explain how my research and experience combined have taught me that Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) is not a valid diagnosis approximately 99%* of the time. Please note: *99% is an entirely made-up statistic, however I will provide evidence to explainContinue reading “O.D.D. Does Not Exist”

Gaining a Better Understanding of Children’s Behaviour

“Too often, caregivers, teachers, providers, and parents assume that a child is acting deliberately, when in fact a behaviour is actually a stress response” -Dr. Mona Delahooke “We should always assume that something led up to a behaviour — because something did. Something always does because behaviour does not occur in a vacuum.” -Jillian Enright, ADHD 2eContinue reading “Gaining a Better Understanding of Children’s Behaviour”

Table of Contents

Organized chaos, a.k.a., an easier way to find specific topics. I write about several different topics, but the most common subject areas are: Parenting ADHD and Neurodiversity Education and Child Advocacy Disabilities Psychology and Mental Health My Recommended Readings: My Reading Recommendations — the best and most informative books about ADHD & Parenting Stories about Parenting and ChildhoodContinue reading “Table of Contents”

Stop Calling Children “Defiant”

Just. Stop. Why We Must Stop Calling Children “Defiant” “Morality is doing what is right regardless of what you are told. Obedience is doing what is told regardless of what is right.” — H.L. Mencken “The symptoms of Compliance Acquiescent Disorder (CAD) include: defers to authority, actively obeys rules, fails to argue back, knuckles underContinue reading “Stop Calling Children “Defiant””

Power Trips Lead to Power Struggles

ADHD 2e MB was selected as a top Parenting blogger on Medium! One of our most popular Parenting blog posts thus far was “Power Trips Lead to Power Struggles“ Our advice for avoiding power struggles, particularly with neurodiverse kids. Our son is the Prince of Power Struggles. Seriously. But you know what? In my day,Continue reading “Power Trips Lead to Power Struggles”

Punishing Unwanted Behaviour Just Makes it Worse

My article, “Punishments Make Unwanted Behaviour Worse” has been shared and recommended by Lives in the Balance (Dr. Ross Greene), Mona Delahooke, Ph.D. (Beyond Behaviours), Linda K. Murphy (Declarative Language), AhaParenting.com (Dr. Laura Markham), and Dr. Lori Desautels (Connections Over Compliance)!  “The kids who are most often described as being manipulative are those least capableContinue reading “Punishing Unwanted Behaviour Just Makes it Worse”

The Many Benefits of Wondering Out Loud 

“Too often, we adults view children’s behaviour through an adult lens, and jump to conclusions about their motive and intent based on adult life experiences and adult-sized cynicism.” “Correcting and demanding take these learning opportunities away from children. When we simply notice something, we give children space to discover and problem-solve on their own, whileContinue reading “The Many Benefits of Wondering Out Loud “

Collaborative & Proactive Solutions — Dr. Greene’s CPS model in Action

Collaborative and Proactive Solutions Story Series A series of stories that include support for integrating and utilizing Dr. Ross Greene‘s Collaborative and Proactive Solutions model for Problem-Solving with children. For more stories like these, visit our series entitled Positive Parenting and the Perils of Punishment: Read More ADHD 2e MB Blog Table of Contents

Back-to-School Story Series

Getting ready for back to school? We have compiled a list of our school-related stories to help you and your child (or students) prepare for going back to school.  For Parents & Caregivers Advocacy in Education For School Staff (& everyone) Check it out on our publication, Neurodiversified. 

Journeys of Self-Discovery

I use the word journeys, plural, because this has — and continues to be — a series of varied and enlightening journeys for me.  I have compiled a series of my stories describing my personal struggles and successes:  How It All Began The Struggles The Learning Process The Successes Read more on Neurodiversified and follow me on Medium