Speech Is Seriously Overrated

Assuming someone who does not speak is unintelligent is ableist b.s. There is a harmful and uneducated faction of the population who wrongly believe those who don’t use speech to communicate are less intelligent than those who do. Even more dangerous to the autonomy of non-speakers are those who believe that Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), andContinue reading “Speech Is Seriously Overrated”

Stories About Neurodiversity

The social and political movement and its implications for Neurodivergent people N is for… Neurodiversity! Instead of the usual “advent” calendar, I’ve been doing an A-B-C countdown to when santa comes. I started with A is for Attention Deficit and have been working my way through the alphabet. Today I got to ’N’ for Neurodiversity,Continue reading “Stories About Neurodiversity”