Support Needs, Not Labels

My son and I both have the exact same diagnoses: twice exceptional (2e), meaning gifted with ADHD and anxiety. We are similar in a lot of ways. We both love reading and sports. We are both energetic, intense, passionate, forgetful, distractible, impulsive, introverted, and good problem-solvers. We also differ in a lot of ways too.Continue reading “Support Needs, Not Labels”

Inclusion Benefits ALL Students

Accommodations for neurodiverse students benefit everyone After a week off for some camping, I am happy to share a brand new article: Accommodations and adaptations made for neurodiverse students benefit everyone. “Students who live in caring relationships with teachers have greater academic success.” —Josette & Ba Luvmour “Chronic stress can shut off the the areasContinue reading “Inclusion Benefits ALL Students”

An Open Letter to the Minister of Education

April 9, 2021 Dear Mr. Cullen, Do not assume the parents who write open letters or express concerns about the proposed changes to our education system have not read the (sparse) information provided.  We *have* read the documents and we still have very serious concerns.  Stop insulting the intelligence of Manitobans.  With all due respect,Continue reading “An Open Letter to the Minister of Education”