Practical Classroom Supports

Actual accommodations and adaptations that help neurodivergent students thrive While every child’s needs are different, and some accommodations or supports may be complex, there are some that can be implemented right away, or at least fairy quickly and without great expense. What about you, your child, or your students? What supports and accommodations are mostContinue reading “Practical Classroom Supports”

Stop Gaslighting Children

Being bullied is never the fault of the victim Whereas approximately 25% of non-disabled and neurotypical youth experience bullying, children with disabilities are twice as likely to be victimized. It’s estimated that 60% of Autistic children and 40% of children with ADHD experience bullying in school. Why are we singling out the victims of bullyingContinue reading “Stop Gaslighting Children”

Questions To Ask Prospective Schools

Considering moving your child to a new school? My advice? Take. Your. Time. If your child is unhappy at their current school, if you feel you have tried everything to work with that school to help them meet your child’s needs, or if you feel there is little chance of improvement, it may be timeContinue reading “Questions To Ask Prospective Schools”

Education Planning

A compilation of my articles specific to education planning for neurodivergent students and students needing accommodations or adaptations in the classroom. Is Your Child’s IEP Useless? Children’s needs must come first. They have the right to accommodations that put them on a level playing field. The goal is to support them to be successful. ManitobaContinue reading “Education Planning”

Children with Disabilities are NOT an Afterthought

Pandemic Parenting and Child Advocacy Here it is, October 2021, and we’re STILL wondering:  Where is the funding that was promised to our schools for the 2020–2021 school year? “adequate special education is not “a dispensable luxury.” “human rights law requires education providers to make their services accessible to persons with disabilities.” “the CRPD prohibitsContinue reading “Children with Disabilities are NOT an Afterthought”

Support Needs, Not Labels

My son and I both have the exact same diagnoses: twice exceptional (2e), meaning gifted with ADHD and anxiety. We are similar in a lot of ways. We both love reading and sports. We are both energetic, intense, passionate, forgetful, distractible, impulsive, introverted, and good problem-solvers. We also differ in a lot of ways too.Continue reading “Support Needs, Not Labels”

Table of Contents

Organized chaos, a.k.a., an easier way to find specific topics. I write about several different topics, but the most common subject areas are: Parenting ADHD and Neurodiversity Education and Child Advocacy Disabilities Psychology and Mental Health My Recommended Readings: My Reading Recommendations — the best and most informative books about ADHD & Parenting Stories about Parenting and ChildhoodContinue reading “Table of Contents”

Thinking Outside the Box: Challenging the Status Quo

The frustration with accommodations at school People deserve to work and learn in an environment where they are heard and where change is possible. Dear Teachers: I see you and appreciate you. I know many of you have been advocating for your students louder and longer than almost anyone else. ALL children are entitled toContinue reading “Thinking Outside the Box: Challenging the Status Quo”

Be Your Child’s Best Advocate

A blog post with advice for how to effectively, cooperatively, and collaboratively advocate for your child within the school system. *Start with the three Cs: Collaboration, Communication, and Cooperation* Children with disabilities deserve to be treated as valuable members of their communities, and this includes their school community. “Adequate special education is a REQUIREMENT, notContinue reading “Be Your Child’s Best Advocate”

Is Your Child Struggling While Their School Denies Services?

Children who mask their disabilities are often denied services because they don’t appear to be struggling.  I grow weary of hearing comments along the lines of “they’re not struggling enough to qualify for resources.” Based on whose measure of “struggling”? If a parent is expressing concern, then the child is obviously struggling in some way,Continue reading “Is Your Child Struggling While Their School Denies Services?”