School Stresses

February was inclusive education month. I have been low-key “harassing”* our Minister of Education by sending a tweet a day, every single day for the month of February. This is part of my work aiming to draw attention to the fact that our government does nothing meaningful toward improving inclusion in Manitoba’s public schools. *PleaseContinue reading “School Stresses”

February Articles Summary

A collection of some of my writing from the past month. Education Staff: Stop Gaslighting Parents Public education is in serious trouble, and has been for a very long time. We need to stop turning these into ‘schools versus parents’ issues. We’re too busy being angry at one another, pointing the finger back and forth betweenContinue reading “February Articles Summary”

When Inclusion Leads To Exclusion

I promise you’ll be underwhelmed What Inclusive Education Month entails February is national inclusive education month in Canada! Want to know what we do here in Manitoba to mark the occasion? Our minister of education makes a declaration, posting a picture of the proclamation on social media. That’s it. What we need Rather than an empty proclamationContinue reading “When Inclusion Leads To Exclusion”

What Inclusive Education Really Means

What inclusive education really means to neurodivergent and disabled students Since our Minister of Education didn’t bother to ask disabled students and their families for their input, I decided to do it for them. The following is a compilation of comments from Manitoban parents whose children live with disabilities and are currently in public school. ThisContinue reading “What Inclusive Education Really Means”

The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Funding

Children whose parents complain the loudest get what they need while others go without When my son was seriously struggling at school, he was being treated poorly and his needs were not being met. As the school year progressed, so did the phone calls, emails, and meetings. Supporting my son and his school took upContinue reading “The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Funding”

I Discussed ADHD On National News

ADHD Education Report Card Reflection The Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada (CADDAC) recently put out a policy paper entitled 2021 Report Card: ADHD in the School System. This paper a 10-year follow-up to a similar report the CADDAC shared in 2010. In response, I and representatives from other agencies were interviewed by CityNews for our perspectives on supportingContinue reading “I Discussed ADHD On National News”

The Pain of Internalized Stigma

February is National Inclusive Education Month I shared this story with the previous Education Minister and received nothing but a form email from his office assistant in response. Now I’m sharing it with all of you, and with our new Education Minister, MLA Wayne Ewasko. By sharing this heartbreaking story, I hope to prevent otherContinue reading “The Pain of Internalized Stigma”

Cultivating Inclusive Classrooms

What it really means to have an inclusive classroom Inclusion is Not a Place. Inclusion is an attitude; it’s an embodied philosophy. Inclusion is borne out of school culture. Inclusion is not simply about physical proximity. It is about intentionally planning for the success of all students. When children with disabilities are lumped into general educationContinue reading “Cultivating Inclusive Classrooms”

An Open Letter to Manitoba’s Minister of Education

MLA Wayne Ewasko, Minister of EducationRoom 168, Legislative Building450 Broadway Winnipeg MB R3C 0V8 Dear Mr. Ewasko, Manitoba parents and school staff wish to welcome you into your new role as Education Minister for our province. It is our hope that your experience as a teacher and guidance counsellor will help you appreciate and better understandContinue reading “An Open Letter to Manitoba’s Minister of Education”

February is Inclusive Education Month in Manitoba

Let’s make this one actually count Please help me demonstrate to MLA Wayne Ewasko and the PCs that inclusion is politically important. Our voices can drive change when we send a strong, united message to politicians. Inclusion is not a “benefit” or a luxury, it is a human right. And a basic one at that.Continue reading “February is Inclusive Education Month in Manitoba”