Practical Classroom Supports

Actual accommodations and adaptations that help neurodivergent students thrive While every child’s needs are different, and some accommodations or supports may be complex, there are some that can be implemented right away, or at least fairy quickly and without great expense. What about you, your child, or your students? What supports and accommodations are mostContinue reading “Practical Classroom Supports”

Thinking Outside the Box: Challenging the Status Quo

The frustration with accommodations at school People deserve to work and learn in an environment where they are heard and where change is possible. Dear Teachers: I see you and appreciate you. I know many of you have been advocating for your students louder and longer than almost anyone else. ALL children are entitled toContinue reading “Thinking Outside the Box: Challenging the Status Quo”

Be Your Child’s Best Advocate

A blog post with advice for how to effectively, cooperatively, and collaboratively advocate for your child within the school system. *Start with the three Cs: Collaboration, Communication, and Cooperation* Children with disabilities deserve to be treated as valuable members of their communities, and this includes their school community. “Adequate special education is a REQUIREMENT, notContinue reading “Be Your Child’s Best Advocate”

Is Your Child Struggling While Their School Denies Services?

Children who mask their disabilities are often denied services because they don’t appear to be struggling.  I grow weary of hearing comments along the lines of “they’re not struggling enough to qualify for resources.” Based on whose measure of “struggling”? If a parent is expressing concern, then the child is obviously struggling in some way,Continue reading “Is Your Child Struggling While Their School Denies Services?”

Behaviour Management Programs are Out-Dated and Ableist

Behaviour Management Programs are Out-Dated, Harmful, and Ableist AF. I Am Grateful for Teachers and School Staff First off, I want to express my gratitude to all teachers and school staff everywhere. You have supported our children and students through some very challenging times, and have rarely, if ever, been given due respect for yourContinue reading “Behaviour Management Programs are Out-Dated and Ableist”

Suspensions Do More Harm Than Good

The research is clear, so why schools continue to suspend struggling students? “Our traditional discipline policies and protocols have been reactive and reflexive, focusing primarily on consequences.” —Dr. Lori L. Desautels  “When students are removed, they lose learning, fall further behind, and over time, become alienated and disenfranchised.” —Dr. Ross Greene “The tit-for-tat rule viewsContinue reading “Suspensions Do More Harm Than Good”

Inclusion Benefits ALL Students

Accommodations for neurodiverse students benefit everyone After a week off for some camping, I am happy to share a brand new article: Accommodations and adaptations made for neurodiverse students benefit everyone. “Students who live in caring relationships with teachers have greater academic success.” —Josette & Ba Luvmour “Chronic stress can shut off the the areasContinue reading “Inclusion Benefits ALL Students”

Back-to-School Story Series

Getting ready for back to school? We have compiled a list of our school-related stories to help you and your child (or students) prepare for going back to school.  For Parents & Caregivers Advocacy in Education For School Staff (& everyone) Check it out on our publication, Neurodiversified. 

Journeys of Self-Discovery

I use the word journeys, plural, because this has — and continues to be — a series of varied and enlightening journeys for me.  I have compiled a series of my stories describing my personal struggles and successes:  How It All Began The Struggles The Learning Process The Successes Read more on Neurodiversified and follow me on Medium

An Open Letter to the Minister of Education

April 9, 2021 Dear Mr. Cullen, Do not assume the parents who write open letters or express concerns about the proposed changes to our education system have not read the (sparse) information provided.  We *have* read the documents and we still have very serious concerns.  Stop insulting the intelligence of Manitobans.  With all due respect,Continue reading “An Open Letter to the Minister of Education”