The Types Of Masks We Wear

Camouflaging our neurodivergence for self-preservation This morning I came across a neat IG post by @adhdoers that inspired me. It was a series of images depicting various masks people with ADHD put on in order to get through social situations in which we feel insecure (which, let’s be honest, is pretty much most — if not all — ofContinue reading “The Types Of Masks We Wear”

My Top Performing Articles of 2021

I’ve been on medium for eight months, and it’s been quite a ride so far. I have really enjoyed writing here and reading stories and articles shared by others. To date, I’ve published 175 articles. Recently I’ve made it to 1.5K followers, and have reached more than 50K readers, which is very exciting for me.Continue reading “My Top Performing Articles of 2021”

Uncovering The Camouflage

A series about unmasking our authentic neurodivergent selves Masking Story Series We’ve published a number of stories on the topic of masking, and later unmasking, one’s neurodivergent characteristics and qualities. Masking is hiding our neurodivergent traits in order to fit in with the majority neurotypical society. The act of masking is different for everyone, the stress it takesContinue reading “Uncovering The Camouflage”

I Was Masking For So Long, I Lost Myself

…Or maybe I never really figured out who I was “She doesn’t have her own personality, she just acts like whoever she’s with.” An observant, but cruel bully said this about me, I think I was about 12 years old at the time. As mean as this classmate was to me, this statement was actuallyContinue reading “I Was Masking For So Long, I Lost Myself”

Struggling in School?

Are you seeing your child struggling in school, yet the school doesn’t feel it’s “that bad“?   I grow weary of hearing comments along the lines of “they’re not struggling enough to qualify for resources.”  Based on whose measure of “struggling“?   If a parent is expressing a concern, then the child is obviously struggling in some way,Continue reading “Struggling in School?”