#BellLetsTalk: Less Talking, More Walking

Walking the walk, as in effecting meaningful change 2023 update I was (unfortunately) just reminded that #BellLetsTalk day is coming up. In light of the blatant virtue signalling and large corporations profiting off a meaningless campaign, I propose a different hashtag to mark January 25, 2023. I propose #DontBeAllTalk. I am a neurodiversity and mentalContinue reading “#BellLetsTalk: Less Talking, More Walking”

Strategies for Managing Executive Functioning Challenges for Adults

How partners, employers, and loved ones can support people with executive functioning difficulties Executive functions Neurodivergent folks struggle with executive functions (EF). There are roughly five categories of EFs, and each person will struggle in different areas. In this article, I will provide concrete examples of how each EF might look at home or atContinue reading “Strategies for Managing Executive Functioning Challenges for Adults”

Recovering From Burnout

Practical ways to take care of yourself while recovering from burnout What is burnout? Burnout can happen any time, to anyone. Burnout is a state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. People often talk about it in relation to jobs, but burnout can be caused by a whole host of lifeContinue reading “Recovering From Burnout”

My Top 5 Medium Articles From December & January

My five most popular stories from the last two months Happy new year! I’ve been on quite a roll so far this month, publishing 14 articles over the past 12 days. For those who were still in holiday mode and might have missed something, here are my five best-performing pieces on Medium from December 10, 2022 toContinue reading “My Top 5 Medium Articles From December & January”

Why I Intentionally Unmask With All My Clients

How professionalism is performative, and why I let my ND quirks loose when I’m working with clients A lot of expectations around “professionalism” are performative I’m capable of masking to the point of nearly “passing” as a slightly quirky, fidgety neurotypical. I could put on my professional mask and look much like every other coach, tutor,Continue reading “Why I Intentionally Unmask With All My Clients”

Why OCD Is Considered Highly Comorbid With ADHD

What Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, ADHD, and Autism have in common What is O.C.D.? The DSM-V lists the following criteria for diagnosing O.C.D.: Challenging a common myth about OCD O.C.D. is not always “I have to wash my hands and check locks constantly”, although these certainly can be compulsions people feel compelled to perform. O.C.D. is also: OCD is believedContinue reading “Why OCD Is Considered Highly Comorbid With ADHD”

Preventing Seclusion And Restraint In Schools

No school should ever have the right to seclude or restrain children Recently our school division developed a policy on seclusion and restraint. Policy is a very generous term for this two-page document with very little substance. Despite the wealth of research and information available to guide these types of policies, it appears our division didContinue reading “Preventing Seclusion And Restraint In Schools”

Camping Cured My Burnout

I hadn’t even realized I’d been burnt out for more than two years I’ve written before about how camping is so good for my divergent brain — for both my physical and mental health. I know being outdoors, getting fresh air and exercise are good for all of us. Since recovering from our 16-day camping road trip, IContinue reading “Camping Cured My Burnout”

My Reading Recommendations

The most informative books about neurodiversity, education, parenting, disability, advocacy, and more Neurodiversity MB’s Book & Podcast Recommendations Please note that I have provided links primarily to the paperback copies of these books. However, many are also available in eBook or audiobook for a quicker download and are usually a less expensive option. Table of Contents IContinue reading “My Reading Recommendations”