I Never Thought I’d Want To Be An Online Content Creator

I love to write, but I’m really starting to enjoy creating content for social media as well Anti-social I was anti social media (also just anti-social) for a long time. I’ve always had social media accounts, just the basics, for keeping in touch with friends and family. We moved provinces 15 years ago, so it wasContinue reading “I Never Thought I’d Want To Be An Online Content Creator”

Autism FAQs

Answering the most common questions I receive about Autism Is Autism a Disability? Yes and no. It depends. Okay, yes — but not in the way you’d think. Some people consider their neurotype a disability in itself because their own Autistic traits cause them distress — for example, sensory issues related to one’s own body. Many consider autism a disabilityContinue reading “Autism FAQs”

This Is Why We Need More Autistic Researchers

Also functioning labels are ableist and harmful Academia needs to be more accommodating and welcoming to neurodivergent contributors so we stop getting handed crap like this. In (one of) today’s annoyances, ableist organizations are, once again, mischaracterizing scientific research in order to serve their own agendas. Last week, child neurologist Dr. Evdokia Anagnostou from the UniversityContinue reading “This Is Why We Need More Autistic Researchers”

The Judge Rotenberg Centre Tortures Autistic & Disabled People

Trigger warning These articles discuss the use of electric shock on human beings. No graphic details are described, however the content may be upsetting for some — In fact, it should be upsetting for everyone. The Lines Between Behaviour Therapy, Abuse, And Torture Are Very Thin And Very Blurry Stress And Anxiety Impede Learning SeemsContinue reading “The Judge Rotenberg Centre Tortures Autistic & Disabled People”

Kids Know Exactly How We Feel About Them

We’re not fooling anyone, and the way we interpret a child’s behaviour has a significant influence on how we respond. I’m in a few parenting groups on Facebook. They’re all groups for parents of neurodivergent kids: ADHD, Autistic, and twice exceptional. Some of the posts, comments, and advice shared are amazing. They’re compassionate, intelligent, and insightful.Continue reading “Kids Know Exactly How We Feel About Them”

Books About ADHD

My reading recommendations for learning about ADHD Books About ADHD I have compiled a collection of books about ADHD I have read and would recommend. The first section are books about parenting children with ADHD, the second section lists books about Adult ADHD, and the final section lists academic texts specifically about ADHD. Books about parenting childrenContinue reading “Books About ADHD”

My Top-Performing Articles in March & April

A collection of my highest-earning pieces from the past two months In April, I had to self-isolate at home due to our family testing positive for Covid, as well as a blizzard that shut down our province for two days. The good thing about all of this was I had lots of time to spend withContinue reading “My Top-Performing Articles in March & April”

Behaviourism Is Not Inclusion

PBIS Is Just ABA With Different Letters PBIS P.B.I.S. stands for Positive Behaviour Interventions and Supports, and was the foundation for Manitoba Education’s 2011 policy document, Towards Inclusion: Supporting Positive Behaviour in Manitoba Classrooms. That’s not a typo, the document intended as a guide for creating inclusive schools and classrooms has its roots in behaviourism.Continue reading “Behaviourism Is Not Inclusion”

Books & Articles About Education

Parents, educators, school staff—and anyone who cares about educating our children should read these books Happy Education Week! Once again, our Minister of Education made a declaration. MLA Wayne Ewasko hath declared April 18–22, 2022 to be Education Week here in Manitoba. Great! So…. Education funding will improve? No. Greater supports for school staff and students?Continue reading “Books & Articles About Education”

Hyperlexia in Autistic Kids

Hyperlexia & autism are commonly co-occurring, but not mutually inclusive Hyperlexia Hyperlexia is advanced and unexpected reading skills and abilities in children way beyond their chronological age. Hyperlexia is most common in, but not exclusive to, Autistic children. Approximately 84% of hyperlexic kids are also autistic. A child can be one and not the other,Continue reading “Hyperlexia in Autistic Kids”