Demanding Blind Obedience is Dangerous 

Those who subvert authority change the world for the better “He doesn’t respect authority.” Good, he shouldn’t. Not without good reason. “He needs to do what he’s told.” Again, not without good reason. If you want people to respect you, first make sure you’re behaving like someone worthy of respect. “When we become untrustworthy, childrenContinue reading “Demanding Blind Obedience is Dangerous “

Opposing Opposition

And defying defiance: My story series on O.D.D. Opposing Opposition and Defying Defiance My story series explaining the many problems with diagnosing children with Oppositional Defiance Disorder (O.D.D.). Firstly, stop calling children “defiant”. Just. Stop. Stop Calling Children “Defiant” Secondly: Yes, I’m okay with my son calling me out Also, O.D.D. Does Not Exist! O.D.D. Does Not Exist IContinue reading “Opposing Opposition”