Rethinking Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD)

The feelings are real, but they got the causes all wrong. Did you know that RSD is not in the DSM-V, nor is it recognized in the psychiatric or psychological communities? Don’t get me wrong, people don’t need their experiences to be medicalized in order for them to be 100% real and valid. It canContinue reading “Rethinking Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD)”

Rejection is More Painful with ADHD

What the current research tells us–or doesn’t–about Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD). There are a number of possible reasons for people with ADHD experiencing emotions more intensely than others. People with ADHD often experience emotional lability (Sobanski et al., 2010), emotional impulsivity (Barkley, 2015), and negative intent attribution (Andrade et al., 2011). There has been aContinue reading “Rejection is More Painful with ADHD”