School Stresses

February was inclusive education month. I have been low-key “harassing”* our Minister of Education by sending a tweet a day, every single day for the month of February. This is part of my work aiming to draw attention to the fact that our government does nothing meaningful toward improving inclusion in Manitoba’s public schools. *PleaseContinue reading “School Stresses”

Falsehoods and Freedoms

A collection of three stories related to the untruths we tell children about the world, and the misinformation we interpret from others’ communication. These were all originally published on Medium, please follow me there to stay up to date on new articles as they are published. Don’t Ignore That ‘False’ Alarm Canaries, popcorn, smoke detectors,Continue reading “Falsehoods and Freedoms”

Our Kids Are Already Resilient

We don’t need to teach them hard lessons, they’re already learning them “There is nobody more resilient than a child who has fought hard to function in a world not built for them.” — Heidi Mavir Resilience versus compliance The definition of resiliency is, “an ability to recover from or adjust easily to adversity or change”. The definitionContinue reading “Our Kids Are Already Resilient”

February Articles Summary

A collection of some of my writing from the past month. Education Staff: Stop Gaslighting Parents Public education is in serious trouble, and has been for a very long time. We need to stop turning these into ‘schools versus parents’ issues. We’re too busy being angry at one another, pointing the finger back and forth betweenContinue reading “February Articles Summary”

What Inclusive Education Really Means

What inclusive education really means to neurodivergent and disabled students Since our Minister of Education didn’t bother to ask disabled students and their families for their input, I decided to do it for them. The following is a compilation of comments from Manitoban parents whose children live with disabilities and are currently in public school. ThisContinue reading “What Inclusive Education Really Means”

If Inclusive Education Month Granted Wishes

As an advocate for children, these would be my three wishes February is inclusive education month It’s just around the corner. Anyone happen to see a blue genie with a big singing voice around lately? If inclusive education month were like a genie in a lamp that could grant me three inclusion-related wishes, these would beContinue reading “If Inclusive Education Month Granted Wishes”

Our Kids Deserve So Much Better

Manitoba’s government insists on wasting money which should be spent on bettering public education in our province If only this were satire Manitoba’s education ministry just announced a campaign to enhance student presence and engagement. Get this. They’re calling it… “School. Keep Going.” That’s it, that’s their slogan. What is the government actually doing? When I went toContinue reading “Our Kids Deserve So Much Better”

How Schools Create Students Who Just Don’t Give A Damn

Keep taking away everything they care about and expect them to comply First, a confession When I was a fairly new youth worker in my early 20s, I had a job working in residential treatment with teen boys. I loved that job and grew into it as I learned and matured as a professional. One morningContinue reading “How Schools Create Students Who Just Don’t Give A Damn”

 I Don’t Care What My Son Learns in Elementary School

I care a lot more about the environment than I do about the content For the record: I do value my son’s education. I appreciate teachers and the near-impossible task they are handed every single day: Please, educate these children. No, you may not have any more resources. No, you may not have better ventilation in yourContinue reading ” I Don’t Care What My Son Learns in Elementary School”

Convenience Shouldn’t Outweigh the Needs of Children

Anybody else’s school have rules about not letting the kids jump in puddles?   How ridiculous is that?   Send an email home asking parents to send extra clothes with their kids and let them PLAY.  This morning I happily dug out my son’s rubber boots so he could splash in puddles at recess. WhenContinue reading “Convenience Shouldn’t Outweigh the Needs of Children”