Advocacy Is Not About You

It’s about lifting up the voices of the people for whom you advocate. Advocacy encompasses forms of solidarity, information-sharing, education, and support — oftentimes by members of the community themselves connecting, sharing resources, and supporting each other. When we assume we know what’s best for someone else, this is patronizing and infantilizing.  Regardless of a person’sContinue reading “Advocacy Is Not About You”

Why I’m Okay With My Son Calling Me Out

No, he does not get into trouble for calling me on my hypocrisy We don’t need to teach children to answer questions, we need to teach children to question the answers.  “That’s the thing about independently minded children. You bring them up teaching them to question authority, and you forget that the very first authorityContinue reading “Why I’m Okay With My Son Calling Me Out”

Communication Differences Are Not Deficits

Thinking about neurodiverse people as a cultural group, rather than as being disabled by their neurotype. When we accept that we have different communication modes, and then each does our best to meet the other person halfway, we learn about each other and how to best facilitate effective communication. The majority demands we adapt toContinue reading “Communication Differences Are Not Deficits”