Setting Up Chill Zones And Calming Corners

Creating safe and effective regulation spaces at home and in the classroom What is a regulation space? A regulation space — also sometimes called a zen zone, chill zone, sensory space, or calming corner — is a safe and quiet area where a person can go to regulate (i.e. “calm down”) when they are feeling overwhelmed. Important Notes for AdultsContinue reading “Setting Up Chill Zones And Calming Corners”

Education-Sponsored Gaslighting

Some social-emotional programs are ableist and invalidating Ever had someone tell you you’re overreacting? How’d that work out for you? We forget that feelings and emotions are, by definition, not rational. Teaching emotion regulation skills does not require us to agree with someone’s reason for being upset.  Read my article on Invisible Illness. When youContinue reading “Education-Sponsored Gaslighting”