“I Can’t Hear You!” (APD)

Neurodivergence and Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) APD has various distinct categories: Auditory closure: Difficulty filling in the gaps of speech when it is more challenging. Dichotic listening: Difficulty understanding competing, meaningful speech that happens at the same time. Temporal processing: Recognizing differences in speech sounds, and understand pitch & intonation. Binaural interaction: This is theContinue reading ““I Can’t Hear You!” (APD)”

ADHD: The Gift That STILL Keeps On Giving

Comorbid Conditions Continued A Brief Recap I previously wrote about the most common co-occurring conditions with ADHD, which are anxiety, depression, bipolar, addictions, and borderline personality (BPD). Anxiety disorders are the most prevalent groups of comorbidities in people with ADHD, most commonly social anxiety, generalized anxiety, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Depression and Bipolar disorder (BD) are also highly comorbid with ADHD. CliniciansContinue reading “ADHD: The Gift That STILL Keeps On Giving”

Loud Introverts Unite!

Autism, ADHD, Introversion, and Sensory Sensitivities: Exploring the relationships between Neurodivergence, Social Anxiety, Sensory Processing Sensitivity, & Introversion, and explaining the science behind those connections.