My Anti-Behaviourism Series

My stories explaining the many problems with behaviourism, backed by extensive research Dear readers, I have a(nother) confession to make: Once upon a time, I was a behaviourist. I was a professional dog trainer for 11 years. While I was a positive, fear free certified trainer, I was still a behaviourist. Fast forward to 2019,Continue reading “My Anti-Behaviourism Series”

Stop Recommending Behavioural Therapies

The definition of “success” in these programs is compliance. Do we really want compliance and obedience to be our primary goals when it comes to supporting our children? I’m going with a hard no on this one, and I’ll tell you why. Behaviours are external manifestations of the child’s inner experiences. To ignore the behaviour is to ignore the child’s feelings.Continue reading “Stop Recommending Behavioural Therapies”