Mid-January Writing Prompt

Welcoming our new writers and a writing prompt Happy New Year! Given the past two years have not gone at all as most of us would have liked, we hope to offer a small but meaningful source for mental health support, as well as neurodiversity-affirming, accessible, and evidence-based information. Neurodiversified started the year off by adding aContinue reading “Mid-January Writing Prompt”

Medium Needs To Pay Its Writers More

Writers make the platform what it is, but do not reap the benefits of our hard work I am grateful for this community and to Medium for providing a venue for all of us to share our writing. I have learned a lot over the past eight or so months I’ve been reading and writing here,Continue reading “Medium Needs To Pay Its Writers More”

An Update On My Foray Over To NewsBreak

Disclaimer To my wonderful supporters who follow me or subscribe for my neurodiversity, education, mental health, and/or parenting content: I promise that is still the focus of my writing, I had to take a brief detour, but I will be back on track tomorrow! Last week I wrote a story lamenting that I hadn’t heard ofContinue reading “An Update On My Foray Over To NewsBreak”