My Top Articles of January 2023

My five most popular stories on Medium this past month I’ve been busy! I published 28 articles on Medium between January 9 and February 9 (I guess this one will be number twenty-nine). I’ve found there’s an ebb and flow to my writing. I go through periods of feeling uninspired, and then something really pisses me offContinue reading “My Top Articles of January 2023”

My Top 5 Medium Articles From December & January

My five most popular stories from the last two months Happy new year! I’ve been on quite a roll so far this month, publishing 14 articles over the past 12 days. For those who were still in holiday mode and might have missed something, here are my five best-performing pieces on Medium from December 10, 2022 toContinue reading “My Top 5 Medium Articles From December & January”

I Never Thought I’d Want To Be An Online Content Creator

I love to write, but I’m really starting to enjoy creating content for social media as well Anti-social I was anti social media (also just anti-social) for a long time. I’ve always had social media accounts, just the basics, for keeping in touch with friends and family. We moved provinces 15 years ago, so it wasContinue reading “I Never Thought I’d Want To Be An Online Content Creator”

Something happened!

Recently, I posted excitedly on social media about how I was nearing ten thousand followers on Medium… I’ve been working really hard on my writing, I’ve published 310 articles since April 2021. Earlier this morning, my followers had increased a bit further, and I was at 9.2K. Only an hour later, I was suddenly downContinue reading “Something happened!”

My 6 Best Stories of May & June 2022

My six most popular articles from the last two months I’m leaving tomorrow for a huge summer adventure. My family and I will be camping for 8 out of the next 10 weeks! I will try to continue writing while on the road, but I also want to ensure I focus on what’s most important: myContinue reading “My 6 Best Stories of May & June 2022”

My Top Articles of 2022 Thus Far

In celebration of reaching three thousand followers on Medium Thank you, fellow Medium readers and writers, for supporting my writing. In celebration of reaching 3 thousand followers this week, I have compiled my 10 most popular articles for January and February 2022 to make them easier to find. I’ve also added to each of them, soContinue reading “My Top Articles of 2022 Thus Far”

Mid-January Writing Prompt

Welcoming our new writers and a writing prompt Happy New Year! Given the past two years have not gone at all as most of us would have liked, we hope to offer a small but meaningful source for mental health support, as well as neurodiversity-affirming, accessible, and evidence-based information. Neurodiversified started the year off by adding aContinue reading “Mid-January Writing Prompt”

Medium Needs To Pay Its Writers More

Writers make the platform what it is, but do not reap the benefits of our hard work I am grateful for this community and to Medium for providing a venue for all of us to share our writing. I have learned a lot over the past eight or so months I’ve been reading and writing here,Continue reading “Medium Needs To Pay Its Writers More”

Playing The Long Game

It takes time to earn a decent income with your writing Patience is not my strong suit I’ve been a successful entrepreneur for 12 years. It’s only the past eight months that I’ve been focusing primarily on my writing and trying to earn a living through my articles. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:Continue reading “Playing The Long Game”

December Call For Submissions

How to write for us and some prompts for inspiration The focus of Neurodiversified is informative and well-written articles about neurodiversity, twice exceptionality, parenting, advocacy, mental health, and education. Read our Call for Submissions on Neurodiversified.